We care for people and society

As a corporate citizen, our social impact spans over employees as well as society at large. We have been a signatory of the United Nations Global Compact principles since 2010, which clearly demonstrates our values in terms of human rights, worker's rights, anti-corruption, and environmental care.

Implementing ethical values and work practises throughout our value chain is an important part of our daily corporate responsibility (CR) work. Our Code of Conduct applies to all our operations and to any party that contributes to our services, products and other business activities. By the end of 2017, 88% of Tieto’s employees had been trained in the company’s interactive Code of Conduct and Anti-corruption e-learning course. 

We also have CR rules to highlight specific sections in the Code of Conduct. One example is our Anti-corruption Rule. Another example is our Supplier Code of Conduct Rule, which prescribes a set of minimum sustainability requirements for any supplier of Tieto to follow.

We recognize that the competence, motivation, and wellbeing of our employees is key for our long-term success as a company and corporate citizen. We strive to offer a workplace and environment built on openness and transparency - an open source culture supporting innovation and development for the individual as well as Tieto. Our company values have been developed together with employees, and  mirror our attitude - 'We work together', 'We care for our people and customers', 'We are committed to quality', and 'We learn and grow'.

To help develop the local communities where we operate we are making yearly philanthropic donations. The recipients are selected based on local community-needs assessments made in cooperation with our local business operations. We also conduct pro-bono work.

With our customer knowledge and experience, technology expertise, and ecosystem of innovation, we are committed to pursuing the opportunities of the data-driven world to create value for people, business and society.





Kia Haring
Head of Global Communications and Corporate Responsibility
+358 40 765 3700