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Inclusion is the key to success

A diverse workforce creates an environment of open thinking and brings contrasting perspectives to the challenges we need to resolve for our customers.

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Tieto in social media

Announcing the launch of a new collaboration project with @AaltoUniversity on the #DigitalCompany & fully digitalized growth journeys. Thank you Adjunct Professor Ilkka Lähteenmäki for being part of this! Live from #futurecredit in Helsinki.

Vesa Riihimäki, head of Startup & Growth Finland, takes us behind the scenes of the largest and most diverse investor hub in the Nordics. Great to see the support for early stage start ups @Nordea #Invesdor! Live from #futurecredit in Helsinki.

Live demo of SME lending onboarding utilising alternative data sources in combination with ERP data. A premiere showing at #futurecredit event in Helsinki! #fintech #lending

"#AI will be a big change for how we employ people but it will create more roles than it will replace" says Christian Guttmann @ChrisXtg at #CHANGE19 @CCEAChange event in Helsinki #futureofwork #TietoAI

Ready to kick off talking #futurecredit in Helsinki! 2019 is the 5th consecutive year when Tieto is increasing its investment into its credit platform. #fintech #inittowinit

RT @bellaseege: Kicking off #talentsummit in Sthlm with the topic - what artificial intelligence can (and cannot do) for recruiters with @C…

RT @haltian: The smart office market is predicted to double over the next five years. @haltian and @TietoCorp have agreed on a multiannual…

RT @electronicspec: It's #InternationalDayofHappiness & we have a story to put a smile on your face! 😊 @haltian & @TietoCorp plan to accele…

How to present a complex ecosystem in 20 minutes? We found a solution for #KertoLVL by @metsawood #TietoXRlab

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