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Tootmise digitaliseerimise kasu väljendub rahas

Tootmise digitaliseerimine võib näida ebamugava protsessina, mida meelsasti kaugesse tulevikku lükatakse, kuid mis tegelikkuses igal ettevõttel on kasulik nobedalt ära teha. Miks?

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Today we had the opportunity to look into the lives of people with special needs. We got to try doing simple tasks in a wheelchair, tried to play a boardgame or write a poem while having a visual impairment or hearing disability, use an eye-controlled keyboard and much more. Definitely got us thinking a bit more about the topic and to respect those people even more. Big thanks to physiotherapists from Astangu for visiting us! Diversity is power!Swipe ️ to see the acitivities#mitmekesisusepäev #mitmekesisus #diversitymatters #tietolife #tietoestonia

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Today we played a game of pictures and tags, hosted by Discovered a lot about our subconscious predjudices and learned new terms. Was fun, thank you!#mitmekesisus #mitmekesisusepäev #tietolife #game

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Energy balls & Fake strawberry smoothies for everyone #healthysnackideas #mitmekesisusepäev #diversitymatters

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On this picture you can see our star of the day - a huge birthday cake - which neeeearly fit the elevator (check our Insta story). With this cake we celebrated our legendary Tallinn Service Desk turning 5 years old! �This cake was cut by Gert - the man, the myth, the legend - who has been with Service Desk as long as most of us can remember (from 18.05.2015 to be precise). He has made a great career in Tieto, coming in as a Service Desk manager, through his passion and dedication landing as the Head of Service Centre Estonia and now leading the Multivendor Centre. But as he likes to say modestly: "I'm just Gert" ... #happybirthday #birthdaycake #servicedesk #tietolife #tietoestonia #fridaymood

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Looking for sales opportunities like#officelife #officewithaview #tietolife #tietoestonia

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Today we learned (and refreshed our memories) on design thinking and UX/UI design. Thank you, Andres, for sharing your knowledge and experience! #learningasalifestyle #designthinking #tietoexperiencedesign #tietolife #tietoestonia

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