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Geek-Off Camp 2020

Kuu aega kestev intensiivne tööalane praktika kõigile, kes on huvitatud tarkvara arendamisest.

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Tieto Estonia Instagramis

Virtual coffee break - ️Another home office week - ️Still happy - ️Time to enjoy the weekend now! #tietoevryee #homeoffice #bettertogether

tietoevryee 27 märts

Happy Spring and Happy Friday!️Home office pic(k)s from our colleagues this week! #homeoffice #tietoevrytogether #tietoevryee

tietoevryee 20 märts

Delivering the brighter future and hopefully some sun @votitulevikku Come get some popcorn and let's discuss your next career move! #tietoevry #geekoffcamp2020

tietoevryee 03 märts

Estonian Independence Day and Shrove Tuesday means 250 sweet buns decorated with miniflags! #tietoevry #independenceday #shrovetuesday

tietoevryee 25 veebr

9 out of 10 people like chocolate, the 10th person always lies.Have a sweeeet weekend! #tietoevry #chocolate

tietoevryee 07 veebr

We know our worth! Want to join the life at TietoEVRY? Check our open jobs atäär

tietoevryee 23 jaan
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