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Eesti IKT klaster algatas neli aastat tagasi reaalajamajanduse projekti Internet of Business (IoB).

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🎉 Meet Henri! 🎉 Title: SIAM Change Manager Joined: November 2014 ✔️ 3 facts about me - Gym addict (and fitness in general) - Music maniac (I like to listen to a lot of music) - Adventurer (traveling and other adventures) ✔️ What do you like most in TietoEVRY? I enjoy the people who work here and the challenges I'm able to face in my work. Never gets boring! Plus the company benefits are crazy good. ✔️ If I'm not working, you can find me... - In the gym pumping those weights - Running in all kinds of places (mainly either forests or in the city) - Watching Netflix (many shows in My List) - Playing PC games - Learning new things in the field of IT and technology in general - Providing IT services as a freelance web developer in additon to my main job - Spending time with my family and friends - Traveling and discovering new places where I've never been before . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 13 aug

🎉 Meet Margus! 🎉 Title: DevOps Engineer Joined: April 2018 ✔️ 3 facts about me - I enjoy taking part in various social events and activities - I like to learn new concepts to broaden my knowledge - I love mixing, making and listening to music ✔️ What do you like most in TietoEVRY? I like feeling valued, necessary and being part of a great team! ✔️ If I'm not working, you can find me... - Cycling, swimming, fishing, watching TV - Spending precious time with my family - Learning and teaching IT in uni . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 11 aug

🎉 Meet Jaana! 🎉 Title: Training Specialist Joined: October 2014 ✔️ 3 facts about me - If you look at the people who still work here since Service Desk started, I'm the 6th, so basically only 5 people have been in Service Desk longer than me 😊 - I'm a mom of 2 and may look normal, but my passion is Body Combat which I have been doing for 10 years. But I never fight with anyone ofc 😁 - I went to school in South Africa for a year when I was 14 years old. ✔️ What I like the most in TietoEVRY is the co-workers. Nothing is better than coming to the office and feeling happy because everybody is friendly here! ✔️ When I'm not working you can find me in my countryside next to Ikla border or at a nice concert 😊 . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 07 aug

🎉Meet Oskar🎉 Title: Incident Manager Joined: February 2019 ✔️ I'm competitive, I love challenges and I'm overall just a happy person! ✔️ What I like the most in TietoEVRY and what I think everyone agrees with, is the co-workers. It actually does feel like a family! ✔️ When I'm not working, I like being around friends, if it's out at a club or just grabbing lunch - being around them is just the best to be honest! ... #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 31 juuli

🎉Meet Ahmed🎉 Check out my day in the stories! I started my journey in TietoEVRY in December last year, before the lockdowns and mayhem. I moved to Estonia in november 2019. Before TietoEVRY, I was living in Oslo. I work as a Service Desk Specialist together with a brilliant team of multinational minions. Outside of work, I like most ball sports, hiking (especially the downhill part), and reading. So if you want to know more, Ask me a question! #tietoevry #takeover

tietoevryee 02 juuli

Reasons we ordered 100+ icecreams today:1. Summer officially begins this weekend ️2. We celebrated our 26th birthday this week �3. Midsummers and vacation period starts now! 4. Everybody loves icecream (fact) 6. Look at the amazing weather!...#icecreamparty #tietoevryee #summer2020

tietoevryee 19 juuni
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