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Eesti IKT klaster algatas neli aastat tagasi reaalajamajanduse projekti Internet of Business (IoB).

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Fall Spartakiad is in full swing - here's our talent group taking part in the archery tournament. 🏹🎯 The mood is good and looking forward to all other events! . . . #tietoevryee #sügissparta #archery

tietoevryee Eile

When you need to take a photo proof of visiting an orienteering spot. Yesterday we participated the in a car orienteering tournament - "awesome" sums it up! Thank you! 🚗🤔🗺️ . . . #tietoevryee #carorienteering #firmasport

tietoevryee 16 sept

#ThePoliteType is a font that recognizes cyberbullying and rewrites it. It takes power away from bullies by replacing their hurtful words with more inclusive ones. Test the font:

tietoevryee 27 aug

Throwback to Summerdays 2019! With everything that has been happening in the world it was a very hard decision to cancel this years Summerdays as these are one of the highlights of the year for us with the amazing activities and coolest people gathering and celebrating. Here's a selection of pure emotions that are the biggest drivers to organize the most epic events with @frankevents for our talents! ☀️ . . . #tietoevryee #throwback #summerdays

tietoevryee 18 aug

🎉 Meet Henri! 🎉 Title: SIAM Change Manager Joined: November 2014 ✔️ 3 facts about me - Gym addict (and fitness in general) - Music maniac (I like to listen to a lot of music) - Adventurer (traveling and other adventures) ✔️ What do you like most in TietoEVRY? I enjoy the people who work here and the challenges I'm able to face in my work. Never gets boring! Plus the company benefits are crazy good. ✔️ If I'm not working, you can find me... - In the gym pumping those weights - Running in all kinds of places (mainly either forests or in the city) - Watching Netflix (many shows in My List) - Playing PC games - Learning new things in the field of IT and technology in general - Providing IT services as a freelance web developer in additon to my main job - Spending time with my family and friends - Traveling and discovering new places where I've never been before . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 13 aug

🎉 Meet Margus! 🎉 Title: DevOps Engineer Joined: April 2018 ✔️ 3 facts about me - I enjoy taking part in various social events and activities - I like to learn new concepts to broaden my knowledge - I love mixing, making and listening to music ✔️ What do you like most in TietoEVRY? I like feeling valued, necessary and being part of a great team! ✔️ If I'm not working, you can find me... - Cycling, swimming, fishing, watching TV - Spending precious time with my family - Learning and teaching IT in uni . . . #tietoevryee #ourpeople

tietoevryee 11 aug
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