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Läbipaistva ja paberivaba digitaalse reaalajamajanduse eelised tulevad kõige ilmekamalt esile just transpordi- ja logistikavaldkonnas. Selle rakendamiseks peavad aga riigid seljad kokku panema.

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Tieto Estonia Instagramis

As there are a lot of different appreciation days, but we have them all - sysadmins, testers, developers, etc, we took one day to celebrate them all - on IT Pro Day!No judgement on being geeky and letting true selves out, digging into donuts and having fun with gif-booth, the day was fun!PS: We're always looking for new talent, so come join the geek side! #itproday2019 #geeklife #tietolife #tietoestonia

tietoestonia 17 sept

We also know how to relax and unwind. Office yoga sessions have been running for a month now and we need to build a bigger room soon to fit all the fresh yogis in ️#officeyoga #tietolife #tietoestonia

tietoestonia 04 sept

How excited are you for September? �This is actually a throwback to our awesome summerdays and here you can see the emotions when the winning team for talent videos was announced. We support and cheer for our own, come join us to be a part of this amazing crew! #tietoestoniasummerdays2019 #tietolife #werehiring

tietoestonia 02 sept

Last working day of the month usually just means pretzels for everyone, but today also marked the end of our Geek-Off internship program! We are very proud of the two teams that had worked on their assignments for the past month and today presented their solutions to all of us. It was amazing to see the development and passion and we felt as if they have been working with us for a long time already. Who knows - maybe some of them will already be onboarded to #tietolife pretty soon ️

tietoestonia 30 aug

No-fly meetings, green offices, renewable energy sources - just a few examples of choosing sustainable options. We believe that technology can be an important tool in creating a carbonneutral world. How do your daily choices impact the wellbeing of the planet? #carbonneutral #sustainability

tietoestonia 27 aug

Tieto towers! Summerdays were once again epic! Thank you all! ️#tietolife #tietoestonia

tietoestonia 18 aug
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