Atlassian services


As an Atlassian platinum expert, we deliver solutions and services that accelerates the benefits and usage of the Atlassian products.  


With long, broad and wide experience working with the different products, we offer a wide range of services around the full product portfolio:

  • Licenses - new, upgrade, renewal, marketplace
  • Installation and customization - we help you get started and map your way-of-working against the tools.
  • Hosting/capacity services
  • Plug-in development - extend the functionally in the Atlassian tools
  • Connectors to other applications - get the most out of your application by connecting them to your existing tools.
  • Migration - migrate your issues in from your old issue handling systems (e.g. ClearQuest, ClearDDTS, Trac, Bugzilla), ​​migrate your wiki content, migrate your version control system
  • Operation, maintenance and support (SLA based) - focus on your core business and let the experts take care of your tools
  • Performance investigations and tuning - our Java engineers help you find bottlenecks when your installation grows
  • Working agile and lean using Atlassian tools - agile coaching and training
  • Introduction and training - standardized or custom made on-site training
  • The Atlassian products are available as Enterprise installation as well as in Tieto DevOps Space (TDS) as SaaS Service, see DevOps Tooling

Why Tieto?

Tieto combines its 20-years’ experience in software development services with the latest product development engineering tools. That's what we offer you by Tieto Software Development Efficiency solution - to improve your efficiency and agility of your software development.

We are the ones to help you with your software development and testing challenges, whether they are related to issues like cost reductions, time-to-market, short project lead-times, high quality requirements or user satisfaction.

With us, you will have alternatives for business models, from traditional on-site consulting to software as a service.

We have worked hard to be a preferred partner and have worked with the best ones in the software development area. Why not utilize our best practices on methods, tools and ways of working?



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