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Digitalization is changing our everyday life and businesses need to not just adapt, but fundamentally change. Buying patterns are evolving, rapid mobile adoption makes a seamless and consistent multichannel customer service a must, individual product customization and shorter lead times are required.

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Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi speeds up service digitalization
We created a transaction platform, to which new electronic services can be added in a snap
Finnish Transport Safety Agency Trafi speeds up service digitalization
"Personalized precision services are the future. Together with Tieto, we created a transaction platform, to which new electronic services can be added in a snap – rather like opening new tabs in a web browser”, says Juha Kenraali, CIO, Trafi.

In recent times, Trafi has put a lot of effort into digitalizing its services. The agency aims at serving large numbers of users quickly and cost-efficiently without compromising on the service experience. Digitalization also helps analysing the impact of decisions. The platform delivered by Tieto allows the collection, sharing, and, if needed, opening up of data for a variety of stakeholders.

“The project was completed in a surprisingly short timeframe”, says Mr Kenraali. Within some six months of project kick-off, the first maritime vessel services were already running on the platform. At the moment, almost twenty other services have been added.

A more cost-efficient service provision works when you automate information flows and increase the proportion of self-services. For example, Trafi no longer needs any manual input for saving boat registration information.

Success depends on user experience

Self-services place high quality demands on electronic services. They must be easy to use and also work on mobile devices to motivate people and organizations to update their data. The platform improved data quality, for example in the case of boat registration, when the service was opened directly to users. Service design played an important role.

Data analytics benefit larger circles

Data collected through electronic services has importance exceeding a single process. Analysed data is also used by politicians, research institutes, ministries and other authorities. For example, high-quality and measurable data material is needed to analyse the impact of new legislation or tax decisions. Up-to-date electronic raw material allows quicker reactions and better analyses.

The increasing needs for analytics, big data and openness were taken into account in the service design, enabling data usage across platforms and interfaces.

Learnings from Trafi’s electronic service platform project

  • Don’t spend too much time on planning, combine it with hands-on experiments.
  • Participate actively in development. This teaches you how to buy from the open market.
  • Make sure the data repositories used for the service are up to date.
  • If you want quick results, minimize dependencies on parallel projects.
  • Mix teams. It is difficult to let go of old operating methods when aiming for a more agile model.
  • Make use of reusable components. For example, the Trafi platform can be cloned for other authorities.
Electronic service for boat owners was launched in the summer of 2014. Now the platform includes around twenty other Trafi services.


Juha Levo
Customer Executive
Top story
Top story
Tieto revamps housing cooperative's IT infrastructure
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Tieto helped the cooperative slash as much as 30 percent of its IT operating costs.
Tieto revamps housing cooperative's IT infrastructure
A major Swedish housing cooperative was struggling to coordinate its IT across its diverse and multifaceted organisation. Various solutions also made it difficult and expensive to maintain. Tieto revamped the cooperative’s whole IT space, transforming it into a modern, coordinated and smooth operation.


Founded almost a century ago, the housing cooperative had sprawled into over a dozens of different affiliated associations, ranging in both size and activities. The wide variety of projects - from handling savings accounts to construction and management projects - weighed heavily  on the organisation’s IT system. The cooperative was suffering from the slow, inefficient and expensive IT.

Lack of unified IT

Tieto, which was tasked with upgrading the operation, quickly identified the core of the problem: the lack of a unified and coordinated IT infrastructure. Firstly, Tieto deployed the Tieto Cloud Server (TCS), allowing the cooperative and its associations to get rid of their physical servers - as well as their server storage space - and adapting their server capacity to the actual, automatically calculated, day-by-day use. Increasing the capacity for the periods when the associations were dealing with larger project and reducing it when they didn’t need it, and so on. This solution also included a pay-per-use function, meaning the organisation no longer has to pay for capacity it doesn’t use.

Standardised platform

As a second step, Tieto implemented the Tieto Workspace Services (TWS) and the joint Hosted Desktop, creating a standardised platform allowing users to connect where and when they need, and which contain vital business applications for a top-performing business.
The new IT space made a world of difference to the cooperative and its users, resulting in a super-efficient work environment that was a lot cheaper to both run and maintain.

In all, Tieto helped the cooperative slash as much as 30 percent of its IT operating costs.

- We really appreciate Tieto as an IT partner, and we feel that we it has given us the opportunity to be flexible in the work we do with our members, a representative for the cooperative said in a testimony of the results.

Read more about Cloud servicesWorkspace services and Hosted Desktop.


Jan De Mont
Customer Manager
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