Current mega trends are pushing companies to become more agile, data centric and customer experienced obsessed.

Delivering outstanding CX has become inevitable.

Our holistic approach to CX is unlocking business value.


  • How?


    Regardless if we deal with technology or business, we usually work on products or services that are made for humans. That’s a tricky thing, because humans are fuzzy by nature. Hopes, fears, expectations, worries, shortcomings, talents and opinions are some of the many soft factors, also known as “user requirements”.

    The obvious secret to build successful products and services is to align business, technology and human needs. Only by gaining insight into business goals, technical requirements and customer needs, we have the recipe for creating a successful product that is technically feasible, economically viable and personally desirable. Our holistic way of working ensures that all efforts are based on facts rather than assumptions and not disconnected. As a result, we can guarantee a return of investment for building outstanding CX that unlocks value and boosts your business.


  • What?

    The holistic approach to CEM understands the big picture and CEM landscape while developing different end-to-end solutions. Design thinking together with ability to utilise and collect data takes company's CX to totally new level, while ensuring also business value creation.



Tieto continues to improve its customer experience management
Tieto was ranked in fifth place in this year’s State of Customer Experience Management in Finland study.
Tieto continues to improve its customer experience management
The State of Customer Experience Management in Finland study, conducted by CXPA Finland and Shirute Ltd, evaluates companies’ customer experience management in such areas as organization and leadership, culture, processes, tools and extent of operations.

“We set the vision for Tieto’s customer experience in 2014 and have been following our development roadmap towards it ever since. In 2016 - 2017 we have been investing especially in such areas as Voice of the Customer (VoC) and customer-centric culture,” says Marja Leena Pinomaa, Tieto's acting Head of Customer Experience and Insights.

“Customer experience (CX) is one of the key focus areas among Nordic companies. To unlock the business value, companies are seeking a holistic approach to customer experience – not only from the point of view of technology but making use of an agile way of working and the ability to gather and utilize data. In Tieto's Customer Experience Management (CEM) business unit we want to enable our clients to develop CX in a customer-centric and agile way to benefit from digital disruption," says Jaakko Hartikainen, Head of the Customer Experience Management business unit in Tieto.

The study has been conducted annually since 2011 in Finland, and it is based on a global study that has been conducted by Temkin Group since 2000. Tieto participated in the study now for the second time.

Read more about the Finnish study (only in Finnish).

In 2017, Tieto is also partnering with CXPA Finland to accelerate its role as an active member of Finnish CX developer community. Read more of the cooperation.

Tieto will be visible in CXPA Finland events and other activities throughout the year. As one of the key actions, Tieto will be hosting the annual CX Day on October 10th in its award-winning intelligent head office.

Tieto accelerates its commitment to customer experience through partnership with CXPA Finland
Read the full story >>
Tieto accelerates its commitment to customer experience through partnership with CXPA Finland
Tieto has agreed upon a partnership with CXPA Finland to further accelerate its actions in customer experience area.


According to our current strategy, we aim to be our customers’ first choice for business renewal. Therefore experience of our customers has been lifted as the key focus area also in Tieto’s Operating Plan for 2017. Our partnership with CXPA Finland will further accelerate our actions to improve the experience of our customers.

– To further increase the customer experience competence and capabilities and to boost customer-centric mindset in our whole organization, we look forward to learning best practices and get new ideas from other CXPA Finland members. However, the partnership with CXPA Finland is to us not only about getting, but it’s also at least as much about giving, says Teija Kuustonen, Tieto's Head of Customer Experience and Insights.

– We believe that great customer experience is the biggest differentiator for Nordic companies to win against global competition. We help our customers to win by providing tangible business value through customer experience. We see CXPA Finland also as an important channel to listen to our customers’ needs in this area, continues Jaakko Hartikainen, Head of Customer Experience Management business unit in Tieto.

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a global non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of customer experience management practices. The CXPA started its operations in 2011, and today it operates close to 70 countries and has over 3000 members. In Finland, the CXPA is represented by CXPA Finland.

Tieto will be visible in CXPA Finland events and other activities throughout the year.

Read more about CXPA Finland: http://www.cxpa.fi/ and CXPA: http://www.cxpa.org

Marja Leena Pinomaa
Acting Head of Customer Experience and Insights


Our services cover the full customer journey, enabling a seamlessly rewarding customer experience from vision to value.

DNA focuses on digitalization and increases sales
Great customer experience, enabled by digitalization, gives a clear competitive edge to DNA, which provides services to both consumers and businesses
DNA focuses on digitalization and increases sales
DNA, one of the leading telecommunications operators in Finland, has been focusing strongly on the development of digital business. It is now easier to conduct transactions in DNA’s online services, and customers can buy everything they need in a single online store. Online sales have grown by almost 20 per cent in a year and customer satisfaction has increased.

DNA launched its digital business transformation journey in 2014. The company’s vision and mission are to have the most satisfied customers. The telecommunications operator started to develop easy-to-use and customer-friendly digital services. The aim was to combine the digital channels with DNA’s stores and customer service.

“Great customer experience, enabled by digitalization, gives a clear competitive edge to DNA, which provides services to both consumers and businesses. The increase in sales and customer satisfaction result directly from their uncompromising approach to customer-focused development,” says Jaakko Hallavo, Principal Consultant at Tieto.

To improve customer experience, DNA wanted to provide its customers with a straightforward online service for buying all devices and services DNA offered, as well as for their management. The solution DNA selected for its digital business was SAP Hybris, on which they built their online services targeted at both consumer and business customers.

“The platform must be flexible. The development project was launched by a core team, in which Tieto’s specialists were closely involved from the very beginning. The members of the core team have a wide range of expertise and business competence. We also master SAP Hybris,” says Hallavo. “In the development work, we started off with a flexible development model, and it didn’t take more than a few months until we were able to open the first version of the new online store.”

The development project is steered by DNA’s Online business unit. “To bring about a digital change that truly serves the business requires not only flexible technology but also a customer-driven development model and an agile corporate culture across organizational boundaries. The best results won’t be achieved by doing things always in the same way. Our cooperation has been open, creative and business-driven,” Jaakko Hallavo says.

“This has been our common growth story, during which we have guided each other and kept learning new things. You have to react fast in the digital economy, and that is not possible with conventional management models. Our journey with DNA has been really rewarding,” Hallavo concludes.

UPM Biochemicals targets to enhance its global market reach and business agility through new B2B eCommerce solution by Tieto
UPM Biochemicals has chosen Tieto to deliver an eCommerce solution to improve its global marketing and sales through enhanced online experience.
UPM Biochemicals targets to enhance its global market reach and business agility through new B2B eCommerce solution by Tieto
The solution is based on Tieto Commerce Cloud, a service for omni-channel marketing, sales and service, built together with the microservices-based commercetools platform.

UPM Biochemicals develops innovative and sustainable wood-based biochemicals for a variety of uses. GrowDex®, the natural matrix for 3D cell culturing, is one example of them. To increase market presence globally and support business growth, UPM decided to enhance its online marketing and sales.

“Tieto is a key partner to UPM. Their proven competencies in eCommerce and their practical  and agile approach to build an eCommerce solution for a growing business will help us to achieve our targets. Working in startup mode ourselves and targeting strong growth, we wanted our partner to have the same mindset”, says Juuso Konttinen, VP, UPM Biochemicals.

Under the agreement, Tieto will be responsible for the end-to-end service delivery from design, development and integrations, to quality assurance and application management services ensuring holistic delivery and future development. With one Service-level agreement, Tieto Commerce Cloud brings UPM both flexibility and simplicity.

Tieto conducted an eCommerce study for UPM in order to design the customer journey, gather functional requirements and identify internal capability requirements for the omni-channel solution. Architectural options for the solution were also identified and analysed, which led Tieto to recommend a microservices-based solution to meet the needs of UPM Biochemicals.

“Microservices are gaining a lot of popularity and for a reason. In the customer engagement layer in particular, this architectural approach enables shorter time-to-market and development agility but also ensures development focus on areas with the greatest business benefit. When targeting growth and business renewal with start-up mentality, these are important factors”, says Jaakko Hallavo, Principal Consultant at Tieto.

Tieto Commerce Cloud enables fast time-to-market, providing agility in development and adaptability for future business needs. By combining commercetools and other similar leading API-first solutions with Tieto’s commerce accelerators and Amazon AWS capacity, Tieto is able to provide holistic and modern omni-channel solution as one service.

As part of Tieto Commerce Cloud service launch, Tieto and commercetools have signed a partnership agreement to offer modern API-first commerce solutions for Nordic enterprises.

“Many larger companies still struggle with these modern technologies. Tieto Commerce Cloud is our take on this area. We want to make sure our enterprise customers can adapt modern architectural approaches and agile ways of working to their existing technology stacks and governance models. It’s all about combining the best of both worlds”, continues Jaakko Hallavo.

Recently, commercetools was featured in The Forrester Wave™ B2C Commerce Suites Q1 2017 report. The research house highlighted that cloud-based, service-oriented architectures which implement commerce solutions in a more modern and modular fashion are now must-haves within commerce suites. Commercetools received the highest scores possible in three criteria, including its Microservices and service-oriented architecture.

"We are happy to partner with Tieto in jointly introducing the agile and groundbreaking microservices approach in the Nordics. Even though the concept of Microservices is not new in itself, it is still being considered as a new architecture with significant disruptive potential that many retailers and brands wish to leverage. Yet few commerce platforms can fully exploit it. With the newly launched Tieto Commerce Cloud, we are bridging this gap, offering a holistic solution that allows our customers to tap into faster and more flexible ways of creating a new dimension of customer centric engagement”, adds Dirk Weckerlei, Partner Manager at commercetools.

More information about Tieto Commerce Cloud: https://campaigns.tieto.com/commercecloud

For more information, please contact:

Jaakko Hallavo, Principal Consultant, Customer Experience Management, Tieto
Phone: +358 40 548 3611 e-mail: Jaakko.Hallavo@tieto.com

Juuso Konttinen, VP UPM Biochemicals,
Phone + 358 40 531 7405 e-mail : Juuso.Konttinen@upm.com

Manuela Goller, Corporate Communications, commercetools
Phone: +49 173 6155601 e-mail: Manuela.Goller@commercetools.com

Ilmarinen reaches new heights in customer experience with Tieto
Read more about a joint success story in developing Ilmarinen’s online services for superior customer experience.
Ilmarinen reaches new heights in customer experience with Tieto
The pension insurance business in Finland is highly regulated yet at the same time open for competition. Easiness in understanding the pension insurance and handling the processes are competing customer experience factors.

Pension company Ilmarinen started online service renewal and transformation in 2014 for the self-employed and corporates. The development started with a mixture of traditional project steering and agile Kanban. Later on, the Scrum and then multivendor scaled agile framework (SAFe) methodologies were used. The transformation of private customers’ online services also became part of the scope. Ilmarinen’s customer experience is the core of online service competitive advantage.

As a mutual pension insurance company, Ilmarinen’s task is to ensure that their customers receive the pension they earned from employment. They also seek to improve working life and thus help their customers succeed.

Ilmarinen provides pension insurance services for both the self-employed and for the employers. Besides this, there are services for the private customers related to pension, rehabilitation and well-being at work.

Tieto has been Ilmarinen’s trusted partner in the transformation process. The learning curve from 2014 onwards in agile development methodology has been significant even in IT industry standards. Tieto’s contribution expands also in the architecture through finance AppCollection framework for modular service development and maintenance, as well as in design, concepting and IT development work of the services.

The successful development of the online services has raised Ilmarinen’s NPS scores (Net Promoter Score), and the trend seems to be continually positive.

"Tieto has been our reliable main partner and we have been continuously learning together to reach high customer experience with our customers,” says Jukka Hirvinen, Ilmarinen Head of Development.


In Finland, the country’s most important earnings-related pension providers rely on Tieto’s decades-long business acumen. Our joint goal is to secure the success of the Finnish earnings-related pension system amid constant changes.

Technical facts of the solution scope

  • Users: tens of thousands

  • Both external and internal service users

  • Several applications

  • Communication channel for customer service

Ilmarinen facts

  • Over half a million insured

  • Pays out pensions to over 300 000 people

  • Over 60 000 self-employed persons insured



Sharing is caring
New survey by Tieto and HUI Research: The Swedish sharing economy is on the rise
Sharing is caring
In the report “Retail Outlook”, Tieto and HUI Research have surveyed the growing sharing economy and its effects on retail trade in Sweden. Among other things, a consumer survey was carried out which shows that a third of all Swedes have used a sharing service at one time or another – and that among those who have tried one, many are so satisfied that they become repeat users.

The survey was carried out in cooperation with Cint and is based on a nationally representative sample of Sweden's population between 18 and 70 years with a total of 1,009 respondents. The survey shows that a third of all Swedes have at some point participated in the sharing economy, which has sprouted among both private individuals and companies. This most commonly involves sharing products with other private individuals. With regard to services, taxi trips and accommodation have attracted the highest number of Swedish users – and interest is greatest among the young population, half of those who are 35 years or younger have participated in the sharing economy.

“It took Spotify just a few years to turn the market for music upside down. It's naive to think that other industries cannot be developed in the same way. Technological development continues, and our survey shows that there is a willingness among consumers to explore alternatives to traditional ownership in many areas,” says Marie-Louise Forsberg, Head of Retail Sweden at Tieto.

In particular the transition from buying to renting is a clear trend shown by the survey. Swedish people want to be able to use high-quality products for a limited time in favour of lower costs. So currently, this concerns high-capital goods with a low utilisation ratio while other social trends are also contributing factors – such as the sharing economy contributing to a sustainable society.

“The fact that the development is heading more and more towards these types of services is supported not only by our report – it's a trend that's been highlighted from many quarters. The sharing economy is growing at a fast pace and is supported by digitalisation, technical innovation and the ongoing servicification of the retail trade. But in order for the forecasts to become reality, more pieces of the puzzle need to fall into place; transaction costs need to drop while laws and regulations need to be adapted to the new reality,” says Marie-Louise Forsberg.

According to the survey, 70 per cent of Swedes have used a streaming service for music or video and 20 per cent have subscribed to apps for newspapers and magazines. Furthermore, 14 per cent have subscribed to a food bag and 8 per cent have used a subscription service for eyeglasses. The survey shows that as long as it's hassle-free and can be done at a reasonable cost, people are  interested in renting most items including clothes, bags and shoes to furniture, kitchen appliances and home electronics.

Download the report: http://pages.tieto.com/SharingIsCaring_eng.html


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