Tieto Tank

Apply for Tieto Tank Master Thesis Day! Challenge yourself and us.


We know you are eager to show off your talent and ideas.  And we are ready to be challenged by you!

Tieto Tank -day is a way for you to develop your presentation skills as well as gain an opportunity to do your masters thesis with us. At the moment we are running this concept only in Finland but will most probably broaden the scope in the future.


How does it work? 2-3 times a year we post general topics that would be interesting to be researched. If any of them interest you too, we hope to receive your application with a more precise suggestion of a topic or headline for a maters thesis. Your application should include a cover letter with your suggestion, reasoning for why you chose just that topic, a bit about yourself and then your CV.

We will then go through all applications, and invite those students who we feel have the best fit to our Tieto Tank day at our office in Keilalahti Espoo.

During the Tieto Tank day you will have the opportunity to give your 10 minute pitch on your idea and subject and convince our panelists to pick your idea and you to do your master thesis for us.  In addition we will have lunch together as well as a sightseeing tour in our office.

Got intrigued?

The next Tieto Tank day will be organized end of August 2017. Please follow Aarresaari.net (Finland) or our Tieto's Twitter and Facebook accounts for the next application period.

More info: tietotank@tieto.com

The themes for the Tieto Tank day organised 11.4.2017 were:

  • DEEP - Digitalizing housing/property sales and financials
  • Practical ways to break silos in an IT Organization
  • Big data illustration in the field of security
  • Application services solution projection for external customer




Sophia Boleckis
Head of Employee Engagement