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The digitally transformed economy is the new norm

As the pace of change accelerates, the risk of being disrupted increases. However, the transformation also brings unprecedent opportunities for efficiency gains and business growth.

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Tieto in social media

Digital Banking, AI chainsaw, Bofink debt robot advisor, and Swish joining the Swedish dictionary - What a night! Thank you to all guests and speakers Anna-Lena Wretman @getswish & Joachim Ronneback @Bofink_app. See you at the next Tieto Nordic Retail Banking event in Spring!

Hello AFRICACOM 2018 attendees! Making it reality - single platform for 2G to 5G Signaling. Join #5G Africa session TODAY at 12:50 - 13:10 to learn more #AfricaCom @KNectAfrica

Tieto’s Healthcare unit forms a unique cluster of professional and cultural #diversity. What happens when nurses and doctors are teamed up with programmers and business experts? Read Sanni's blog about her summer as an #intern in this diverse team.

#Data and #AI need to be on the top management agenda states @MattiRistimaki in #ainordic. Is it on yours? #datadriven

There is a gap between legacy companies and companies that have been born during the #datadriven era. Biggest cost for legacy companies is to do the background work for enabling successful #AI projects, states @MattiRistimaki #ainordic

Soon on the #ainordic stage a panel discussion about #AI from the leadership perspective - how to lead emerging #businesstransformation with @HeikkiAilisto, @petrihelo and @MattiRistimaki.

“Our trial with @EspooEsbo confirmed how #AI can be used in planning social and healthcare services and in predicting individual wellbeing” says @MattiRistimaki. Read more on how we can prepare our cities for a data-driven future: @MicrosoftSuomi #TietoAI

Value for People | Meet one of our passionate #Valuedrivers #tietolife

RT @LisaSEliasson: Not long to #UnityDeveloperDay Stockholm! Excited to have @lisagri from @tietocorp part of the schedule! Her team at #T…

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