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A leading semiconductor company: Early access to markets with a Cellular IoT Modem

NarrowBand IoT deployment for improved cost-efficiency, machine-to-machine connectivity and reliability

Lars Lindeberg

Lead Business Developer

The challenge

A semiconductor company aimed to enter the markets of early adopters with a new NB-IoT modem. As the company’s own development resources were scarce and focused on existing product portfolio, they needed a reliable product development partner to catch the momentum.  

The solution

Tieto’s Product Development Team took over full responsibility for the delivery and alignment with evolving technology standards and a large business ecosystem. 


Tieto's Software R&D services

About the customer

A leader in the semiconductor industry, with innovative computing and communications technology solutions and infrastructure for the connected world. 


Focus on core business

The customer’s burden was offloaded as Tieto delivered on time and budget being aligned with evolving standardization work and the entire business ecosystem.


Scalable resourcing

The project was resourced with best competencies, providing support to stakeholders in multiple locations; Sweden, Poland, China, and India.


Tangible solution value

The product became a main NB-IoT modem, used in the early market. The competitiveness and value raised due to multiple new patents gained during the delivery.

Addressing early adopters’ market with NB-IoT

The product development started already prior to and during the NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) standard was specified by the 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP), a collaboration between groups of telecommunications standards associations.

The deployment of NB-IoT was much expected as it improves solutions’ cost-efficiency, battery life, indoor connection coverage, and high connection density. 

We were able to take the market momentum and be the first one offering our business ecosystem capability to try out NB-IoT early.

The program lead of the customer

How Tieto delivered?

Tieto’s Product Development Team managed the changing requirements as the 3GPP specs were evolving and ensured constant alignment with the entire business ecosystem consisting of network equipment providers, operators, and device manufacturers globally.

The team delivered in an agile manner the algorithms, system design, protocols, and integrations. To ensure interoperability and quality, Tieto did comprehensive testing in collaboration with other ecosystem vendors. 

I believe that no other vendor or us internally could have put together such an efficient multi-skilled team to pull this off.

The program lead of the customer

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