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Up-to-date product information brings a competitive advantage to Oras Group

"We are at an advantage when our product information is complete and up-to-date in our retailers' systems, as our products are more likely to be chosen." - PDM Manager Kari Suojanen from Oras Group.

Tieto Corporation

Keilalahdentie 2-4 FI-02150 Espoo Finland

Oras, known for its washbasin and shower taps, purchased Germany-based Hansa in 2013, thus establishing Oras Group. In order to create a highly functional Group, the companies' procedures had to be standardised.

As part of a larger change initiative, Oras Group has implemented a Product Information Management (PIM) project. The project combines product information of the two brands into the same system and harmonises the product information management processes of the two organisations.

Tieto delivered a modern and easy-to-use inRiver PIM system to Oras Group, which collects product information from ERP systems and other basic product information systems.

"The interface is extremely user-friendly. People working in different countries clearly see product information, language versions and links. You can almost touch the material," says Suojanen.

The new system has impacted the employees' daily work. The amount of manual work decreases, for example, when product lists and selections are updated automatically into the customers' systems. All product information can now be processed in one place following similar procedures, which also benefits marketing.

"We always modify basic product information from the point of view of marketing. New texts, descriptions and videos are automatically updated into all materials containing product information. This increases transparency for our customers and within the company," says Oras Group's Digital Marketing Specialist Samuli Holmala.

A well-managed PIM project where everybody was up to speed

During the PIM project's first phase, which lasted for about six months, Tieto analysed the type and origin of Oras Group's product information and created a product information model for the system based on it. Once the foundation for product information had been established, the next steps were technical implementation and deployment. The project went very well, as testified by high customer satisfaction (3.8/4).

"During the project, Tieto led us where we needed to go. They were always in control of the project and were able to keep up to speed also those of our personnel who are not so well-versed in IT," says Holmala.

In the future, Oras Group will add new modules to the PIM system, for example, to manage product information and price lists on the websites of both brands through the system as well as to schedule marketing campaigns. New product information channels will also be added, which is a critical factor for getting ahead of the competition.

"We save time as we can manage our marketing campaigns better than before. Units in different countries can see the work of other units. Therefore, the information flow no longer requires extensive internal communication," says Holmala

About Oras Group

Oras Group is the market leader for domestic sanitary fittings in the Nordic countries and a leading company in continental Europe. The company's mission is to make the use of water easy and sustainable. The Group has two strong brands: Oras and Hansa. Oras Group is owned by Oras Invest, a family company and an industrial owner.


Oras Group was established in 2013 with the merger of Oras and Hansa. Oras Group wanted to standardise its procedures and boost work efficiency by combining the product information of the two brands into the same system. Up-to-date product information constitutes a competitive advantage.


Tieto delivered a modern and easy-to-use inRiver PIM system to Oras Group, where product information is collected from ERP systems and other basic product information systems. The project consisted of four phases, analysis, product information model construction, technical implementation and deployment.


Thanks to up-to-date product information, customers are more likely to choose Oras' products, which brings a competitive advantage. Shared and automatically updated product information enables Oras Group to save time and money as the amount of manual work decreases and information management is simplified. It is now easier and faster to manage marketing campaigns and enhance basic product information for marketing use.

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