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State Treasury in Finland: Becoming an entirely digital office

Digital case management helps to modernize procedures

Kimmo Hannus

Head of Sales

The challenge

Internally, the State Treasury aims to become an entirely digital office that prepares, processes, and archives documents digitally and in accordance with the law. 

The solution

A solution based on the Public 360° product, a standardised case, document and archive management system that complies with the Sähke2 requirements for public administration. Plus training required for commissioning the system.

Public 360° case, document and records management

About the customer

The Finnish State Treasury operates within the administrative branch of the Ministry of Finance. The State Treasury provides information services for citizens and helps them use public services. 

The Finnish State Treasury develops financial and personnel services in government organisations, manages state funds, loans, accounts and injury compensations, and grants compensations for injuries sustained in military service and for victims of criminal damage. It also manages state guarantees and interest subsidies. In addition, the State Treasury manages statutory accident and non-life insurance coverage and related employer services, and supports activities promoting the working capacity of central government employees.

The State Treasury takes care of the estates of deceased persons with no heirs and handles payment exemption applications concerning the state.


Finnish State Treasury

Case management processes made efficient

Information no longer moves in paper format – case management is digital and streamlined.


Increased transparency

Public 360° has increased the transparency of case management across the State Treasury by giving access to all.


Sharing information made easy

Digitized information is easier and faster to access by all relevant parties. Physical archiving space is no longer needed.


Paper-based case management is a thing of the past

The State Treasury needs a modern document and case management system that can accommodate all of the paper-based information and archives. 

Digitizing information is an opportunity for the State Treasury to renew its operations, to evaluate processes and to optimize old case management procedures. 

It is important to consider the interfaces between different systems when building a case management system. The goal is to decrease the time spent in search of information and to make information easy to find. 

Archiving and making use of information is a major part of the State Treasury’s activities and expertise. The existing paper archives have already filled several kilometres of shelves, and new information is created on an ongoing basis. One of the goals is to make archiving completely electronic. 

As we move ahead with the Public 360° commissioning, work processes are being developed and streamlined. It would make no sense to merely replicate the paper process.”

Tomi Poikola

IT Director, State Treasury of Finland

Document and case management made efficient

Tieto Public 360° digitizes the State Treasury’s activities and enables electronic archiving that is in line with the legal requirements for public administration. 

The system transforms the State Treasury’s document and case management entirely digital. The processes follow the national records management plan and the formed documents meet the legal requirements of electronic services in the public sector (Sähke2). 

Public 360° increases the transparency of case management, supports further development of case management services, and enables efficient life cycle management of different information and documents. The activities of the State Treasury are optimized and time is saved, as information is shared and targeted to specific user groups.

“Thanks to the system, we can now track operations more easily. We can see which documents have arrived and whether they are being checked, approved, or somewhere else in the process.”

Anne Laine-Salminen

Deputy Director, State Treasury of Finland

How we did it

Document and case management is built and commissioned incrementally. In the State TreasuryTieto’s Public 360° -based environment is called Valtikka (Scepter in English).

The State Treasury’s procedures and other relevant information was reviewed by Tieto’s experts together with the customer. The processes to be digitized include financial activities, financial administration, human resources, as well as citizen and community services such as crime damages and exemptions from payments.

“We have reviewed the possibilities the system provides. An expert from Tieto has taken part in the formation of records management plans and we have transferred operations to the system together.”, Anne Laine-Salminen explains. 

Other current systems have been taken into consideration during the build-up of the Public 360° environment. For example, insurance decisions are made with an external application, whereas documents that are compliant with Sähke2 requirements can be archived through the Public 360° system. 

Valtikka will be commissioned in three phases. Tieto will also provide the training required for commissioning the system. 

“The new system provides our employees with a smoother process. For example, case and document management and the reimbursement systems have now been integrated, which allows information to flow smoothly from one system to the other.”

Tomi Poikola

IT Director, State Treasury of Finland

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