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Revamping a major housing cooperative's IT infrastructure

We took the inefficiency out of a major Swedish housing co-op's IT system and transformed it into a coordinated, smooth, modern network.

Marcus Fagerdal

Head of Product Lifecycle Management

The challenge

Create a unified, coordinated IT infrastructure for this major Swedish housing cooperative, increasing efficiency and decreasing expenses.

The solution

A switch to cloud services and the implementation of a standardised IT platform, doing away with physical servers and allowing anywhere, anytime access for all associates.

About the customer

Founded nearly 100 years ago, this major Swedish housing cooperative had expanded exponentially over time to involve numerous affiliated associations.

Additional physical space and time freed up.

Increased capacity

Additional physical space and time freed up.

Anywhere, anytime access to all end users.

Unlimited connectivity

Anywhere, anytime access to all end users.

IT costs down 30% from the prior year.

Reduced costs

IT costs down 30% from the prior year.

Revamping a major housing cooperative's IT infrastructure

Unifying a sprawling IT system

As the years passed and member numbers increased, this major Swedish housing cooperation struggled to maintain a sufficient IT system. With numerous affiliated associations varying in size and project types – managing anything from savings accounts to building constructions – the system was bogged down and inefficient. The lack of a unified, coordinated IT infrastructure made it increasingly difficult and costly to maintain effective, efficient results. Projects, employees and the overall cooperation was suffering, unable to reach their full potential.

The question remained: how could we help this successful cooperative improve their IT infrastructure, easing the working life of their many members?

Standardising, Simplifying

Upgrading to the Tieto Cloud Server (TCS) removed the need for bulky, space-consuming servers. Overnight, the cooperative had more physical space to utilise. In addition, TCS enabled a scalable pay-per-use system, with increased capacity for busy times and reduced access when demands were less. Expenses were lowered immediately, with the cooperative only paying for what it used.

Secondly, a standardised platform containing essential applications and allowing anytime, anywhere access was put in place. With lower running and maintenance costs, the housing cooperative and all affiliated members could put their energy where it was needed most. And flexibility became the name of the game.

The Cloud cure

We began by identifying the whys. Why is the system slow? Why do users have difficulty accessing the information they need as and when they demand it? What has created this logjam, that is keeping the cooperative from doing its crucial work?

We kick-started the process by removing the cooperative's physical servers and replacing them with the Tieto Cloud Server, uploading all files, applications and other information onto the Cloud. This process involved upgrading the organisation's server capacity to its actual daily usage.

Secondly, we tailor-made a two-part solution involving the Tieto Workspace Services (TWS) and Hosted Desktop, which together offered a number of crucial benefits. TWS enabled secure anywhere/anytime access to files and applications, paving the way to efficient collaboration. Hosted Desktop was brought in to unify the system for users across the board, placing the organisation's OS desktop image on all devices and offering an appealing consumer-grade experience.

A scaled cloud experience personally designed to meet the particular needs of the housing cooperative not only cut costs but created a seamless, productive working environment for all.

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