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We believe our sustainability performance will determine our long-term development as a company.

Creating value for life

We know that the long-term success of the company requires a business model that integrates sustainability and ethical business as natural parts of daily business operations.

Ida Bohman Steenberg

Head of Sustainability

Our sustainability goals

Our sustainability goals

Minimising environmental impact

How our focus on solutions reduces our environmental impact.

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Our sustainability goals

Being an ethical forerunner

How we run our business with integrity and ethics.

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Our sustainability goals

Creating value for stakeholders

Seeking and implementing the highest standards to create value.

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Our insights

Tieto Corporation / 28.5.2018
Digital competences help to build more equal societies
The internet has affected democracy in a large scale. It helps us spread and receive free information, enables discussion, and can be used to promote human rights and government accountability.
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Digital competences help to build more equal societies

Sustainable impact

Sustainable solutions

See how our products and services are supporting a sustainable development.

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External recognitions

Read about the recognitions and awards we have received for our sustainability efforts.

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An ethical approach

Ethical culture

Ethical values and work practices are vital parts of our responsibility.

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Inclusion, equality and diversity are integral parts of our corporate culture.

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Business ethics and integrity

Applying the highest ethical standard in all of our operations.

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Can technology advance sustainability?

IT solutions and innovative digital platforms can help in mitigating climate change and support companies managing their sustainability.

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