Tieto adds credibility to InnoPath's solution for Tata DoCoMo

With InnoPath's Mobile Activate Solution, a part of InnoPath's ActiveCare portfolio, Tata DoCoMo in India can offer high margin data services to new subscribers.

InnoPath's Mobile Activate Solution provides a device repository to quickly and correctly identify new open market phones appearing on the network, and the ability to filter add/change events in the network before properly configuring the phones for data services. For SS7 interface the Mobile Activate Solution includes Tieto's Device Detection Application (DDA) component.

"Tieto's Device Detection Application component adds credibility to our solution by providing a market-tested and scalable SS7 integration capability," says Dave Ginsburg, VP of Marketing for InnoPath. "Our cooperation with Tieto also brought credibility in the eye of the customer, market timing aligned with Tata DoCoMo's aggressive rollout schedule, and ultimately joint customer success via the partnership".

The joint solution impacted Time to Market, permitted Tata DoCoMo to quickly deploy and operationalize the solution in anticipation of strong subscriber growth. The partnership also resulted in a rapid Time to Market for InnoPath to integrate with the Tieto Device Detection Application component.

Tata DoCoMo in India is one of the fastest growing GSM operators in the world with almost 25 million subscribers in 6 months after the launch of service in June 2009.

InnoPath is a global leader in the over-the-air customer care space for mobile operators impacting First Call Resolution. InnoPath's ActiveCare portfolio includes frontline care, the ability to update phones in the field, and the ability to identify and properly activate new phones entering the network.

Tieto's Device Detection Application (DDA) can detect when a new handset enters the network, allowing it to be automatically configured by the device management application using normal over-the-air-activation mechanisms such as SMS or USSD.

The InnoPath's Mobile Activate Solution to Tata DoCoMo in India was deployed in conjunction with Tieto's Device Detection Application (DDA) component based on Stack-in-a-Box (SiaB).