Automatic case processing - think simple - ask the citizen!

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In Tieto we are proud to contribute to the digitization of public services, which benefits the citizens. And there are already many good examples of how we help simplify the everyday life for most citizens.

School transport create equal opportunities for everyone

Complicated applications for school transportation have led several County Council to begin digitize the application process.

What are the results?

The results of such projects will be a digitized application process for citizens. A fully automated application and case process performed without involving any people.

One of our customers has measured that the response time was reduced from over 2 weeks with part of a manual process, down to 2 minutes in a fully digital way.

Why automatize now?

  1. IT is ready

IT and business are now more closely tied than ever. Ten years ago everything went towards keeping IT and hardware running. Now this is leveling out where you see the value of good relationships between IT and economy.

2. The organizations are ready

Organizations automate on average only 20-40% of today's workflow. This provides an opportunity for many to achieve more efficient process flow and efficiency, while earning gains through money, quality and operation.

3. The technology is already here

Robotic software or services are often referred to as "digital FTEs" or "human proxies" since they can work with or together with systems and people such as human beings can do. Companies are already in the process of robotizing and automation that offers potentially lower costs, quality assurance and more satisfied users.

In the digital economy there will be both humans and robots!

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