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Real-time factory

Optimise your business performance and empower your employees with a connected, real-time factory network.

Real Time Factory

As manufacturing becomes a fully connected industry, businesses require intelligent production and connected techniques to keep up. Our real-time factory service allows you to be responsive, adaptive and predictive to avoid delays, improve production and optimise efficiency.

A connected factory tracks employees and machinery and adjusts operations based on data – reducing machine downtime, empowering manufacturers and ensuring delivery. Plus, with this increased reliability comes greater customer satisfaction.

Fredrik Bergström

Lead Business Developer


Save time and money

Remote monitoring and intuitive systems for efficiency.


Faster lead time

Plan and track progress to avoid downtime or delays.


Increase reliability

Paperless workflows and unmanned shifts reduce human error.

Key features

Digitalisation of factory

Automated and optimised production integration.

Cloud or on-site

Receive and control factory data from anywhere.

Dashboard view

Instant understanding with user-friendly dashboard view.

Flexible user administration

Integrate with small companies and large enterprises alike.

Real-time comparisons of production parameters

React and identify production stoppages automatically.

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