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Tieto Education Services

Transform your organisation with the power of modern technology and bring first-class learning to your students in collaboration with our specialists.

Be prepared for future needs

Schools are facing changing demands. Students and their guardians want more accessible, digital services, while management needs to drive cost efficiency. Digitalisation brings the potential to meet both sets of requirements.

Tieto Education Services help management, head teachers and teachers meet these growing challenges and get the best out of their organisation.

Lars Åström

Head of Education Nordic


Sustainable transformation

Support school management and teachers to adapt new digital processes in a lasting way.


School development

Provide a solid foundation to make correct decisions and prognosis for future needs.


Access to industry expertise

Reap the benefits of working with a partner who has over 40 years' experience of the education sector.

Key features


As we learn, we want you to learn too. We hold regular webinars about relevant education topics to keep you up to date with the latest in digital education.

Business Consulting

Our experts are here to help. By working with municipalities and school management, we make sure you transform in a sustainable way.

Technical Consulting

Our technical experts give support and guidance to IT departments and system managers about architecture, infrastructure and integrations to make sure you get the most from your Tieto Education solution.


Learning new IT systems doesn't have to be a chore. We offer hands-on, practical training in all Tieto Education ecosystem solutions for teachers, school heads and administrators.

Innovation and co-creation

Digital innovation is revolutionising all aspects of our lives, including education. We can help you make the most of this opportunity through support, guidance and workshops on digital transformation.

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