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eArchive 360°

Collect and store all your digital archives in one, secure place.

Never lose a file again

Important documents are often spread across different platforms, and once a case is closed or a project completed, it can be difficult to keep track of files. eArchive 360° solves this problem by collecting information from multiple sources into a single system.

This fully searchable archive helps public organisations meet the strict requirements around document storage and makes it easy to share information internally or externally. It's a no-limits solution that lets you manage your archive the way you want.

Kimmo Hannus

Head of Sales


Reduce risk

No need to worry about losing an important document – everything is stored safe and sound in the archive.


Save time

Users find information they need quickly thanks to the consolidated archive, with Google-like search abilities.


Share for the future

Storing data produced today helps you to shape the services of tomorrow.

Key features

Flexible management

Management of an archive has never been so easy. Flexible classification structures, adaptive disposal rules and simple import/export functions make eArchive 360° the ultimate, no-limits archive solution, which you can design to fit your requirements.

Legal compliance

Ticks all the legal boxes. eArchive 360° already meets the highest Nordic standards in record-keeping.

Easy search

Historical archives are just a click away. Thanks to advanced search tools, you can find current files and archived documents at the same time across folders and hierarchies.

Full integration

eArchive 360° imports information and documents from all your systems into a single archive via web service and file-based integrations.

Easy access

An archive isn't about keeping data under lock and key. With eArchive 360°, it's quick and easy to access old case information with search tools and integrations into other systems.

Flexible delivery

Choose between an in-house or cloud installation that gives you access to the latest updates and hands-off maintenance, all at a predictable monthly cost.

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