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Public sector

With over 50 years' experience working with the public sector, we've helped local, regional and central government organisations build innovative digital solutions and deliver better services.

Simplify life for your citizens

Re-imagine your public sector services for the digital age and create a customer-focused administration that helps to shape a smarter society.

Christian Segersven

Head of Industry Software

Download report: A smarter society

A connected society is essential. Read about how your business can take the steps into the future while also contributing to sustainability and citizens' expectations.

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In the spotlight

The City of Espoo: a unique experiment with AI

Artificial Intelligence identified individuals in need of support.

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Will a human-centric, data-driven approach shape a smarter society?

The opportunity data gives to shape a smarter, more advanced society is unprecedented in human history.

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Data synchronisation tackling the major GDPR challenge

How is citizens’ data spread out in data silos that may be out of sync? Why is this critical?

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Distributed business networks can enhance public-private collaboration

How blockchain technology allows us to create more democratically governed distributed platforms and avoid vendor lock-in.

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