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Connected Value Chain

A mindset change is needed to survive and prosper in today’s dynamic global markets

From an Inside-Out perspective to an Outside-In perspective

In the digital era manufacturing companies must be agile when it comes to changes in customers’ needs and expectations. These needs and expectations can best be met through collaboration with customers and suppliers alike in the connected value chain.

The core idea is to work within a fully connected ecosystem to fulfil your customers’ needs, instead of purely focusing on the more traditional company offering.

Rory Moore

Head of Industrial Services

Our industry point of view

End-customer value through responsive value chain

Many companies’ focus remains on asset efficiency with an “inside out” mindset. This has lead to sub optimization and significant waste in the end-to-end value chain and inability to respond quickly and efficiently to changes in the market. Focus needs to be put on understanding and serving the end customer needs and orchestrating the end-to-end value chain. An "outside in" mindset is needed to secure competitiveness.

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