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Tieto SmartCare

Transform your home care services with a digital solution that improves patient outcomes, cuts down on administration and brings opportunities for preventative care.

Home care is the best care

Nobody wants a lengthy stay in hospital – Tieto SmartCare creates a safe environment for patients to live at home. An ecosystem of sensors and smart medical equipment detects changes in health and simplifies communication with care professionals, making your patients more self-reliant.

Targeted at the elderly, chronically ill and disabled, your staff can remotely follow up patient progress and respond to alerts – cutting down on unnecessary visits and reducing the risk of infection. Tieto SmartCare makes everyday life for patients, relatives and carers smoother.

Inge Andersson

Head of Solutions and Specialist Products


Better patient outcomes

Patients feel safer, remain independent and experience improved well-being when living at home.


Engage relatives easily

Family members become more involved in patient care when they can follow events digitally.


Improve resource allocation

Digital processes and mobile solutions help to assign resources more efficiently.

Key features

Access to the latest technology

We work with the leading suppliers of sensors and smart medical equipment, which means we can offer you access to the latest, cutting-edge technology.

Part of the Lifecare product family

Because our solution is part of the Lifecare family, data can be automatically added to a patient's electronic health record, providing all caregivers instant access to the information they need.

Open ecosystem

Tieto SmartCare is an open system. This provides opportunities for seamless integration of new technologies and equipment, from any partner.

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