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Lifecare Laboratory

Maximise your lab's performance with a flexible information system that delivers faster, more accurate diagnosis.

The key to effective diagnosis

Lifecare Laboratory delivers results in days instead of weeks. It creates a unified base for all your laboratory operations but is tailored to meet the individual requirements of each discipline, whether it's chemistry, haematology, pathology, bacteriology or another area.

The time it takes to get a diagnosis can significantly influence the outcome for the patient. Digitalising the referral, test and result process means you can cut this interval, improve the quality of diagnosis and offer treatment earlier. It also frees up staff, so they can concentrate on caring for patients.

Patric Nilson

Sales Director


Improve accuracy

Advanced analysis software provides precision measurements and calculations.


Slash waiting times

Deliver test results quicker – begin treatment sooner.


Manage workflow

Identify bottlenecks, forecast and plan laboratory operations.

Key features

Automatic analysis

Our state-of-the-art software can automatically screen and sort samples, letting your lab staff spend more time on getting the right diagnosis.


Designed in collaboration with consultants and clinicians, Lifecare Laboratory has an intuitive interface with information just a few clicks away.

Part of the Lifecare family

Because our solution is part of the Lifecare family, samples and results can be automatically added to a patient's electronic health record, providing all caregivers instant access to the information they need.

Flexibility and scalability

Choose the solution to fit your needs. Whether you are looking for a partner to manage clinical data, one to deliver information systems and imaging or you want to outsource the whole operation, we can help.

Access to the latest technology

We are the leading supplier of laboratory information systems in the Nordics. This means we get to work with the best suppliers in the field and can offer you access to the latest, cutting-edge technology.

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