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Healthcare and welfare

As the leading supplier of integrated solutions for the healthcare and welfare sectors, our specialist team has extensive experience improving the safety and quality of care services.

Technology that puts patients first

Digitalise healthcare and welfare services through joined up information systems that are truly patient-centric. Improve care and patient well-being, while driving organisational efficiencies.

Christian Segersven

Head of Industry Software

In the spotlight

Kanta-Häme Hospital District: Lifecare frees up time for patient work

All customer data in one place, easily accessible

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Visibility to the population health and wellbeing facilitates forecasting and brings health benefits

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User experiences with IT systems are the overall sum of many factors

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Shaping healthcare and welfare for a smarter society

How technology will drive a personalised health and welfare service.

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Creating a level playing field in health and welfare technology.

Open electronic health records are key to flexible utilisation of information

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Download report: A smarter society

A connected society is essential. Read about how your business can take the steps into the future while also contributing to sustainability and citizens' expectations.

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