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Trading and securities

Deliver full-scale securities trading for retail and institutional clients.

Streamlined and scalable solutions

Our trading and securities solution offers buy-side and sell-side order and execution management, middle- and back-office services.
Built around a highly scalable and flexible Order Management Solution (OMS), the service has been adapted over the last few years in co-operation with banks, investment banks and brokers. It includes comprehensive pre-trade monitoring and validation routines, for retail clients and complex institutional order flow.

Hugo Sundkjer

Head of Capital Markets


Cost efficiency

Significant cost savings are made through efficient operations. Our OMS is built to co-operate with other solutions, and offers additional savings in terms of scale, licences and third parties


Streamlined services

You can monitor the entire flow across asset classes through one single routine, adaptable to your specific requirements.


Liquidity access

The OMS can connect to any FIX based OMS, Execution Management Solution (EMS) or execution venue and fund hub, allowing for easy access to liquidity and algorithmic trading.

Key features

A trading gateway

The OMS offers a trading gateway to the markets. Operating an EMS, users can quickly and easily – without investments – access liquidity and EMS globally.

Configured operations

Complete middle- and back-office operations can be configured, offering real-time, transaction or request based connection, for pre-and post-trade confirmations, settlement, instructions and position management. This can be against any custodian, eg custody banks, GCMs and CSDs.

Core back-office services

Core back-office services include trade capture; ETC via FIX, splits, amalgamations and allocations, settlement against CCPs, CSDs and nominees, general ledger, corporate actions processing and multi-departmental configuration.

Optional back-office services

Trade capture from third-party OMS and EMS systems, ETC via Oasys Global, CTM and an engine to connect to the SWIFT network are available as optional back-office services.

Core trading and order management

Core trading and order management services comprise order and execution management, trading connectivity to trading counterparties via FIX and pre-trade restriction controls.

Optional trading and order management

The optional trading and order management services encompass trading connectivity to exchanges, MTFs and RSPs and best execution smart order routing.

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