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Open Banking Platform

Embrace the opportunities created by open banking, including PSD2 compliance, API aggregation and creating partner ecosystems, made possible by secure, real-time data and services sharing.

Protect your market position in the open era

Banking is experiencing a period of dramatic digital change as it enters the world of open APIs, driven by regulation, increased competition, innovation and customer expectations. Unless banks respond to the threat so-called 'big tech' companies pose in financial services, they risk becoming commoditised back-end product and service providers.

Our expert guidance every step of the way enables you to create and implement a successful open banking strategy. We can help you to digitalise your business in a meaningful way, always providing you with the best local service and knowledge.

Valdis Janovs

Head of Retail Payments and Cards, Tieto

Key benefits


Maintain market position

Be a part of the new payment ecosystem that will shape the future of financial services.


New revenue streams

By offering value-added services – made possible by data sharing with external TPPs – banks can create new streams of revenue.


Greater customer loyalty

Loyalty is strengthened through increasingly customer-centric banking services, provided by you and complemented by TPPs, and made available via open APIs.

Open Banking – Staying Relevant in a Commoditising Market

In order to reap the potential benefits of the change in the making, banks need to first think broadly about where they see their place in the open banking marketplace.

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In the Spotlight

Tieto API Hub

Explore various Open Banking business models and test how open APIs work in practice in our global test environment.

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The EU takes the lead in Open Banking

When it comes to PSD2 and Open Banking, the European Union is like a test lab for the rest of the world.

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The introduction of APIs and standards made easy

Technology plays a key role in realizing the opportunities for business expansion brought about by the new payment world.

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Key features

Open banking solution

Our open API solution is fully compliant with PSD2 regulation, based on the Berlin Group XS2A framework. It allows banks and financial institutions to create new internet business models in line with their chosen strategy for open banking.

Open APIs

Our open APIs work in your favour with full life-cycle management, enabling external developers to access, edit and publish their APIs. Advice is given on API functionality and helping publishers to market their APIs better, in the face of increased competition.

Full control

Our analytics module collects and analyses information that flows through the APIs and systems. While an API monetisation model allows you to define flexible billing plans for TPPs.

Managed risk

Risks are mitigated through Strong Customer Authentication (SCA), consent management, compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), fraud prevention and transaction risk analysis.

Efficient services

Testing and piloting is made more efficient through a sandbox environment, used for applications, automatic onboarding for TPPs, integration and service mediation, integration to core banking systems, real-time monitoring and root-cause analysis.

Market-leading expertise

With 50 years market experience, our payment solutions are used by more than 500 financial institutions in 30 countries. We can help you build solutions for long-term success, with scalability and efficiency in mind.

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