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Leasing and asset finance

Streamline your services with our automated leasing and asset finance platform, perfect for multinational operations. While you focus on your core business, we take care of the rest.

Stay ahead of the competition

We support the life-cycle of your business, for asset and equipment financing, hire purchase and rental. We have experience of running installations in more than 17 European markets, with local flexibility and central control – we call this multi-local.

Through the Tieto Emric leasing platform, your entire application and administrative process is automated, whether you are dealing with complex, structured financing or small-ticket, high-volume flows. The autonomous system can be tailored to a wide range of markets, languages and currencies, optimising your business while saving time and money.

Måns Larsson

Senior Sales Manager, Credit Solutions and Services

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Key benefits


Increase efficiency

Enhance the efficiency of your administrative processes with our automated end-to-end solution.


Grow flexibly

Our adaptable software platform enables you to set up business in new locations effortlessly, reducing your time-to-market.


Improve customer service

Provide customers with a superior level of service through streamlined processes and shorter lead times.

Key features

Lease origination

Automate the entire origination process for leasing and financing, from application and scoring to decision-making and documentation. Our lease origination module can be used by your company’s internal or external salesforce and distributors, to vastly improve the service delivered to customers.

Lease administration

Our back-office system manages the entire credit process, from first payment to final accounting, and is configurable to a wide range of markets, languages and currencies. The software shows the status of your leases in real time, with the maximum level of data security.

Multi-local solution

A multi-local solution allows you to adapt and apply leasing services to each of your markets. Local currency, assets, sales channels, reporting standards and business segments can be deployed to provide a dynamic, localised offering, reducing your time-to-market when expanding into new countries.

Sourcing support

We can take care of the complete software hosting through our SaaS solution, or with software licences, and you can choose to host through the cloud, a hybrid solution or on-prem. We can also supervise all or part of the origination and administration process through our Financial BPO service.

Delivering through expertise

Our deep understanding of leasing and asset finance adds value to your business and gives you best-practice solutions as standard. With experience in more than 17 markets across Europe, we understand the services you require and how to streamline processes to provide maximum efficiency.

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Streamline your services with our automated leasing and asset finance platform.

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