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Real Time Production Optimisation

Maximise oil production, optimise the use of your existing facilities and react fast to unplanned events, while honouring all the constraints of the production system.

A smarter solution

A reliable decision support tool can help address the issues associated with a complex production system. With so many variables and constraints, making decisions based solely on experience can be extremely difficult, potentially inaccurate, and even unreliable.

Production system characteristics are changing over time, and these in turn result in changing optimal operating points. Significant issues can drastically impact the operating performance of the entire production system. Let us help you shape a smarter, more agile solution.

Aleksander Juell

Director Upstreams, Oil and Gas


Save time

Automation means you can run an unlimited amount of scenarios and the model automatically updates with the latest available data.


Optimise installations

Operate with the highest field production while ensuring HSE by honouring all system constraints.


Proactive decisions

Quickly obtain a new optimal operating point, through proactive decision making on unplanned events.

Key features

A trusted tool

Our Pipe-It solution is fast, robust and consistent, guaranteeing a reliable and optimised service.

Agile construction

A scalable and flexible solution gives you the ability to adapt as your business changes.

Automated solution

The tool provides automatic model maintenance and updates.

Integrated model

Pipe-It operates with an integrated asset model, from reservoir to process.

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