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Tieto Oil & Gas Operations Support Solutions Self-Service Check-In

15 December 2013

Reaching milestone of 50 deployed Self-Service Check-In (SSCI) kiosks

By agreeing on a deal for deployment of 11 new self-service check-in kiosks, Tieto will soon surpass the milestone of 50 operating kiosks fully integrated with our personnel logistics solutions.

At the moment we have 48 active kiosks and these are deployed across 2 heliports and 35 different installations. The kiosks are integrated with our personnel logistics solution and work similarly to the ones used for check-in to commercial flights, located at airports. To date, our kiosks have been used for more than
400 000 check-in’s, and at offshore installations 96% are using the kiosks to check-in for their travels back home.

When we now are in the process of adding 11 new kiosks to the portfolio, this confirms the significance of self-service check-in and the importance of delegating work to the travelers in personnel logistics within the oil and gas industry. Not only does SSCI facilitate efficiency, but it also helps operators to automate processes, be proactive and enforce rules and regulations.


How the self-service check-in kiosks work

The Self-Service Check-In system improves the way passengers prepare for the travel to a field site. Up to 48 hours ahead of departure a passenger can check in on the web and all documentation are controlled. When arriving at the heliport, the traveler completes the check-in by reference-number/QR-code at the kiosks, which also includes weighing.


About Tieto Oil & Gas Operations Support Solutions

For close to 15 years we have been providing two globally leading operations support solutions for the handling
of personnel logistics and POB Management. The solutions are in use in more than 25 countries across all
corners of the world and have been selected as the corporate tool by some of the world’s largest oil and gas

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