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Hybrid Infra

Modern way of ensuring business continuity

Hybrid Infra for the digital era

Center your full focus in innovating and transforming for the digital era, and let us take care of your existing IT. We will keep it up and running effectively while modernising your legacy systems.

Petteri Uljas

Vice President Cloud and Capacity Services

Key benefits


Business continuity

When change and transformation are daily drivers in your organisation, we will ensure the availability and scalability of your IT environment at all times.


Modernization included

Current IT environments need to be better integrated to the cloud and even transformed into something completely new. Together, we will build a modernization roadmap based on our best practices.


Optimized for best results

Our long-term experience and deep technology know-how ensure your services are optimized to bring you the best results. Both when it comes to effectivity and productivity.

Key features

Expertise in legacy, modernisation and cloud

Our strong expertise in legacy environments and modernisation projects makes us the perfect partner for you if you want to ensure your business continuity while transforming your current IT. Joining forces with our hundreds of public cloud experts, you have a winning hand with us.

Value from technology excellence

We believe that technology excellence comes with two things: deep understanding of the practical value of different technologies and tight co-operation between us, our technology providers and our customers. We utilise our broad partner ecosystem to get the best solutions for your business.

Serving our Nordic customers since 1968

Building on this strong heritage, we combine global capabilities and expertise with local presence. Our secure, modern data centres are located in the Nordic countries. As a leader in the enterprise cloud and capacity market we provide solid support to your digitalization and business renewal.

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