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Security advisory and consultancy

Bolster your security professionals with our years of expertise to establish robust standards, mitigate risks and reduce downtime.

Security Services

Reduce risks

Security presents one of the biggest challenges for businesses today. You need to keep track of evolving threats, complex risk management and a changing compliance landscape.

Kent Magnusson

Head of Security Advisory & Consultancy


Concrete results

Access real results that you can see and measure.


Minimise risks

Take a proactive approach to security to reduce risk today and in the future.


Years of experience

Benefit from our huge knowledge in the security area with laws and regulations together with our experts in cyber security.

Key features

Security Review

Give your business a thorough security check that highlights the critical vulnerabilities and suggests the best way to solve them.

Compliance Advisory

Compliance doesn't have to be such a labyrinth of regulations. We can guide you in the right direction and ensure that best practices is not only documents but also put into operation.

Strategy, policy, and solution design

We help you to create strategy and policies against the framework of current information security standards that enable rapid development and adoption of new technology and streamline your business.

Security Governance Models

Bring clarity to your governance structure by setting a uniform framework, with clear accountable roles, policies, processes and guidelines that can be adopted across your organisation.

Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Minimise business impact of an interruption to IT service with a strategy that educates staff, is regularly tested, involves all relevant parties and can even prevent downtime.

Risk Assessment and Management

Help your stakeholders see the bigger picture and how risks relate to each other with our structured risk assessment approach that helps you prioritise and minimise threats more effectively.

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