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Archiving as a Service

Enable new business and solve current and future archiving needs with a single solution.

Simplify your IT landscape and preserve the value of your enterprise information

Save costs and enable new business with Archiving as a Service – a next-generation, cloud-based enterprise-wide archiving platform that accelerates IT transformation by securing and leveraging critical application data from any source. Accelerate digital transformation by eliminating costly old legacy apps and systems while still retaining data and content – allowing you to save up to 40% in IT costs.

Heikki Vepsäläinen

Lead Solution Manager, Archiving

Transforming your enterprise archiving

Manage your business information with a secure, reliable cloud solution

As organizations are becoming increasingly digital, digitized archived information can improve business continuity and enable business growth. Download our white paper and learn more about how to create value for your business and how we have helped others.

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Cloud-based archiving solution for customers in the Nordics – Tieto Archiving as a Service (TAaaS).

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The revolution in enterprise archiving

Using existing and newly collected content to make informed, fact-based decisions is the key to successful business transformation.

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Cloud archiving – how to get started?

Learn how Archiving as a Service in the cloud is a step towards a truly information-led business.

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Key benefits


Save costs and optimize applications

Unlock immediate cost savings and quick ROI by rapidly decommissioning legacy applications and ingesting static data from multiple sources to a single platform that stores, manages, and secures data.


Drive compliance

Reduce corporate risk and ensure compliance with regulatory and legal mandates, such as GDPR, with comprehensive retention and eDiscovery capabilities.


Enable better strategic decisions

Leverage all the information in your enterprise and lay a foundation for data lakes where you can consolidate data silos, secure data and access, and create insights using new analytics technologies.

Key features

Single enterprise archiving platform

Enable new business and solve all current and future archiving needs with a single solution, taking care of both active and end-of-life archiving cost efficiently. Offered as a service, you just pay as you go based on volume, where a monthly fee includes all you need: infra, software and service, with no lock in.

Archive and leverage all your data

With our solution, you are able to ingest all data types – both structured and unstructured. Rapid data access and robust search capabilities ensure effortless findability of information. Open access to analytics tools provides insight with ease.

Decrease load or decommission entirely

Ease the load of your business applications, such as SAP, and offload data using our ready-made connectors. In addition, pull the plug on your costly old legacy apps and systems, while retaining all data and content.

Centralized retention policy management

Make compliance a breeze with centralized retention policy management including dashboards and visualization, date and event-based retention, single and multiple retention policies and inheritance of retention policies.

Enterprise scalability

Our solution archives hundreds of billions of records with ease, regardless of the source application or database type.

Consolidated platform

The solution provides a single view of data and content and is not reliant on any originating application. Reap the benefits of consolidating separated archives into one.

Secure by design

Encrypted and designed with privacy in mind, our solution features watertight data security and complies with regulations such as GDPR.

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