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Tieto Data Platform

We help traditional organisations to speed up their data-driven transformation

Tieto Data Platform

Data-driven operating models are changing the rules. More and more digital native companies are entering the market, wiping out established competition. The only way for a traditional company to compete with digital native businesses is to start transforming into a data driven company. Data driven transformation is not an ICT department’s challenge, or a data warehouse drill, it is a transformation that changes the entire organisation.

Tieto Data Platform enables putting your business data into productive use. It is utilised to collect scattered and valuable data, store and curate it in data pipelines, so that you can utilise it in creating AI-driven analytics that lead to valuable business insights. We have a proofed and ready-made process to speed you your transformation. Contact us to start your data driven transformation today.

Matti Ristimäki

Director, Data-Driven Businesses



Speed up the data utilisation process

Convert your data into a real business accelerator with our ready-made process


Link data into core business processes

Turn your data into business insight and source of innovation


Gain one view to company's data points

Accelerate data deployment and data strategy implementation across the silos

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We commit to ethical use of AI

We have established AI ethics guidelines and certification for our employees.

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