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Employee experience

We hope to give our employees great experiences at work by building expertise through interesting projects and lifelong learning.

Research shows that employee experience highly impacts customer experience, and we see a direct link between our employee's satisfaction at work and our customers' experience.

We believe the cornerstones of a great employee experience are culture, technology and workplace, with Tieto Open Source Culture close to our heart. Our cultural aspiration was created in an open collaboration with our customers and employees, when we asked the question, 'What kind of company do you want to work with or in?'

Our cultural mindset, values and behaviour are driven by our everyday life at work. But we are not there yet. For example, asking more questions and giving feedback is something we strive to improve.

Our cultural cornerstones 

  Asking questions and giving feedback
    Challenging the status quo

Holding ourselves accountable for results


Leading by example and values


Our work culture is based upon typical Nordic values, which reflect the above cornerstones and also embrace low hierarchy and respecting individual expertise, despite one's background or position. We offer meaningful work in customer projects, with all team members contributing in an equal manner in the customer interface. We are proud of this way of working.

Having colleagues from all over the world offers a great opportunity to learn about other cultures. And inclusivity – everyone working well together and feeling respected and valued – is an important part of our culture. 

As a tech company, we want to ensure our employees have smooth digital experiences at work. We are constantly making decisions to get the best apps for our people to use in their everyday lives and have robots working on selected routine tasks. We respect people’s privacy and security and GDPR matters are in our focus, not only regarding our customer systems but also internally.

We want to make our workplace pleasant, while supporting daily working habits. We widen activity-based workplaces to our various sites, enabling people to select the most optimal workspace for their day. 

We trust our people and partners and create spaces that encourage collaboration, co-creation and innovation. Remote and virtual working is common with us, and digital apps enable efficient working between home, office and various countries. Our workplace idea arose from employee needs. We call it the 4C-concept, based on the different areas in the workplace: Communication, Collaboration, Concentration and Chillout. Our own Empathic Building solution makes our work days easier when we're on the fly.

Employee experience is important to us, and this fact is highly visible in our annual operating plan, based on input from our employees and strategy. We also engage employees in dialogue and follow up on how we can improve further.


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