Tieto Java PaaS IBM

Java Platform as a Service (PaaS) is part of the clever Tieto Cloud Services portfolio, offering customers a well designed set of cloud based services to support the core areas of IT in applications, middleware and system infrastructure.

Standard Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform

Java Platform as a Service provides standard Java Enterprise Edition (J2EE) platform for customers. J2EE defines the standard for developing component-based multitier enterprise application and simplifies building enterprise applications that are portable, scalable and easily integrated with legacy applications and data.

True flexibility

Java PaaS means true flexibility as it allows customers to increase or decrease capacity based on the real business needs. The service also offers a new level of built-in security and availability, based on standardized platform, tested environment and a dedicated competence team.

The service contains implementation and maintenance of needed network, hardware and software components (e.g. http and application servers, database, operating system) for enterprise level Java application platform. Java application platform offers a customer a dedicated virtual platform even if it shares common middleware software licenses between different customers.

Tieto Java PaaS means an outstanding combination of a team of experts, deep understanding of technologies and IT systems and knowledge of client´s business situation and future needs. 

  • Scalable solution for all business application needs – from 8/5 to 24/7 service
  • Based on leading technology vendor – IBM
  • Powered by lead IBM Virtualization technologies
  • 99,99 % service availability
  • Standardized implementations and operations
  • Pay as you use pricing model

Tieto Java PaaS IBM is a fully maintained Java application platform as a service.