Tieto Cloud on Power

AIX, IBM i, and Linux capacity built on IBM Power Systems

Tieto Cloud on Power (ex-ITAP) service provides modern and scalable infrastructure for AIX, Linux and IBM i environments running on IBM Power platforms. You can adapt the platform or infrastructure as a service for your business needs. You simply just pay for what you use.

Our service helps you to focus in your core business
With our scalable capacity service you can manage the common IT infrastructure challenges and concentrate in your core business. Tieto Cloud on Power offers both cloud and traditional types of scalable infrastructure services. It provides the highest level of performance, RAS, and security in its category. This enables you to provide the best possible solution experience for your customers. Also, it helps you to optimize the total cost of ownership with less capacity needed and often significant sw licence savings compared to other platforms in the category.

Great for the traditional workloads with AIX and IBM i
Tieto Cloud on Power for AIX and IBM i are perfect solutions for many traditional workloads – and getting better with new features and functionalities coming. We have the expertise and resources to manage your traditional capacity needs in a cost efficient way with our modern and flexible offering, and work with you towards the future technology transformations.

Now also Linux on IBM Power Systems
Tieto Cloud on Power for Linux provides probably the best performing Linux cloud and capacity service in its category.  It is a powerful and cost efficient platform for open source databases, big data and analytics solutions as well as all IBM or other solutions with core based licensing model. With Linux on Power you need less capacity to do the job and it enables the best possible customer satisfaction for your solutions and applications.

Key elements of our service:

  • Up-to-date hardware and OS
  • Highly available virtualized and clustered solutions
  • Cost efficient test environments
  • Scalable capacity (up or down) 
  • Optimized resource utilization with pool-based capacity model
  • Automation and tools for efficient implementation, provisioning, integrations etc. 
  • Highly experienced and skilled Tieto personnel 
  • Maintenance and life-cycle-management 
  • etc.

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