Infrastructure services - managing cloud and legacy

In today’s business landscape, IT challenges are changing from managing the existing to being able to support rapid development cycles. Complex and inflexible infrastructure – as many legacy systems are – will be unable to support constantly increasing data volumes and changing regulatory requirements unless a lot of money is spent on building enough capacity to handle demand peaks. High capital expenditure on capacity that sits unused for most of the time, however, is not financially sensible.

A hybrid model of private and public cloud that integrates into your legacy systems enables complementing, optimizing and modernizing your legacy productivity. Managed services delivered securely from Nordic datacentres not only ensure the optimal working of the combination, they also shift your spending from rigid Capex to flexible Opex (pay-as-you-use) for a better cost-output ratio.

Tieto’s Hybrid Cloud solution is based on the best combination of public and private cloud to meet current and future business requirements. We optimize the solution from both a technical and business perspective. This means a single service layer to standard public cloud-based capacity platforms (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services), the existing private cloud platform and the current traditional hosts in all of your locations regardless of geography. Tieto’s Managed Services provide a standard stack of services to manage all workloads whether in the cloud, on-premise or residing in legacy datacentres.

Service portfolio

Our infrastructure services include the following offerings:

Cloud services for infrastructure

  • Multi-Cloud: Tieto OneCloud 
  • Private Cloud: Tieto Cloud Server, Tieto Productivity Cloud, Tieto Cloud on Power
  • Public Cloud: Azure
  • Industry-compliant Cloud
  • ​Infrastructure management

Infrastructure management

Traditional infrastructure services

  • Virtual servers, physical servers, storage
  • Mainframe services
  • Capacity services on IBM Power Systems (AIX, IBM i, Linux)

Our datacentres

The foundation for our infrastructure services, traditional and cloud based, are our secure, modern and green datacentres in Finland, Sweden and Norway.

Our datacentres provide the infrastructure platforms needed to cater for the most demanding public and private sector requirements and the need of traditional and cloud based capacity. High-availability solutions up to 99.99% are typically distributed to two or three Tieto datacentres.

For our customers working on a global scale, we also provide infrastructure services from our datacentres in Northern America (USA), Asia (Singapore) and Russia (Moscow). For edge sites and their capacity requirements around the world, we provide our managed on-site solutions. Here we are able to serve our customers’ needs starting from the smallest offices to the largest, business and mission critical sites where breaks in IT systems are not an option. In many industries these on-site systems provide the basis to our industry-specific SaaS solutions.

Tieto’s datacentres meet the strictest security requirements such as the Finnish and Swedish governments’ security guidelines as well as security certificates such as PCI-DSS for the financial industry. They also carry ISO certifications ISO 14001, ISO 27001 and ISAE 3402.

ISO certifications