Tieto Energised Workspace

Today's working life is all about results and efficiency. We all deserve to enjoy work while delivering, because our business & personal lives are seamlesly connected. Tieto Energised Workspace is a comprehensive set of tools that improve the way we work.


Tieto Energised Workspace - any place is good for a job well done

Embrace the possibilities

Access applications when and where you need them

Allow people to be their most productive by providing the applications they need the way they need them; thus creating flexibility and business agility while providing an enjoyable user experience.


Access data securely and collaborate

Sync and share your data with enterprise cloud storage allowing you to access your data from the device you prefer to use at a time and location of your choice. A true alternative for personal (public) cloud services.


Embrace the diversity of devices

An effective and versatile way to manage device diversity in a changing IT landscape and enabling the mobile workforce.


Enjoy a consumer grade user experience

Why should the user experience of corporate IT services be any less functional or appealing than the IT services you use in your private life?





Infrastructure solutions and services