Skype for Business Online

What is Skype for Business?

In the same way as individuals, organisations need the very best tools for connecting people everywhere in order to achieve more together. Microsoft Skype for Business is a communications and collaboration platform that combines the familiar user experience of Skype with the security, compliance, and control you expect from a world-class enterprise solution. It has:

  • All the capabilities of Lync, for users and administrators
  • An improved user interface that takes advantage of familiar Skype elements to simplify adoption for people
  • Multiple deployment options, including server, cloud, and combination of the two
  • The security, compliance and control features that organisations require

Tieto as a Skype for Business provider

Tieto is currently the biggest Skype for Business service provider in Finland and the third biggest in Scandinavia, with 250 000 end users.

Tieto offers reliable deployment services for Skype for Business, and a broad variety of complementing services, starting from consultancy, trainings and assessments, to solution integrations and development projects  - not to forget enterprise voice services.

Tieto supports customers in deploying Skype for Business in three different options: 

Three options for Skype for Business

Skype for Business Online

Public cloud

Skype for Business Online is the public cloud option, part of Microsoft´s comprehensive O365 service portfolio.

Due to its new capabilities, Skype for Business allows customers to significantly simplify their infrastructure, with one platform for meetings and voice. Easy for IT to manage in Office 365 and easy for everyone to use because it is Skype.

Skype for Business in Office 365 is built for teams and networks, giving customers a truly real time communications platform, where the cloud enables all forms of meetings, calls and interactive collaboration to work and be managed together. Companies increase their reach with customers in a secured platform.

The new capabilities Skype for Business Online brings are:

  • Skype across devices
    • A consistent and beautiful Skype experience across devices. Millions use Skype for communications; it´s ready for use everywhere for all communications.
  • Complete meeting solution
    • From one-to-ones to team meetings, to reaching thousands. One solution for all meetings.
  • Modern voice with Cloud PBX
  • Other Microsoft and partner services
    • A comprehensive portfolio of services from Microsoft and partners available - Tieto as a leading Nordic partner


Tieto's complementing services

Tieto offers a variety of complementing services adding value to the product. We make it possible for the large organisational customer to get a secure and manageable holistic solution. Our services include:

O365 by Tieto 

Skype for Business private cloud deployment 

Private cloud

To read more on our private cloud solution, Tieto Productivity Cloud, see here.




Skype for Business Online hybrid deployment

Hybrid cloud

In a hybrid deployment, some Skype for Business users are homed on-premises and some online. Integration with other O365 applications is easily available. 

This is an alternative bringing the best from both cloud worlds: public and private cloud. In a hybrid deployment, some Skype for Business users will be homed on-premises and some online.  All users within the organisation will be seamlessly integrated, those that are happy with the functionalities that public cloud brings and the ones who demand some extra functionalities or integrations between other business systems. Integration with other O365 applications is easily available.

As an experienced partner, competent and certified in Microsoft products, Tieto will be able to provide you with the best option suiting your needs. Contact us! 



Jussi Ranta
Product Manager