How public sector organizations succeed in the path of digitalization

The digitalization in the public sector results to a simpler everyday life for citizens through an open and innovative government, delivered by high-quality public services and an efficient use of public spending.

All Nordic public organizations are on a digital transformation journey towards the national digitals agendas established by government. These often include statements such as: “to be the best in the world on the use of digitalization opportunities and citizens-centric services with a “digital first” ambition.

We know the challenges your sector is facing. We know the industry and offer end-to-end help for the public sector to realize its digital potential. Our consultants are among the most experienced in the Nordics and offer guidance from strategy to the small details looking at how technology can help you to meet your goals every step of the way. 

Our services include for example:

  • Tieto’s Framework for Digitalization
  • Strategy map
  • Customer Value Management
  • Scenario planning
  • PEST (Political, Economic,Social and Tehcnology) – analysis
  • SWOT-analysis

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