Intelligent transportation system

To keep information up to date forms the basis of efficient and ecological transport planning. Passengers appreciate smooth transportation within the city using different means of transport, efficient time management and easy access to services. Our service solutions offer efficiency and flexibility to public transport.

Our public transport service is easily adaptable to different needs. Open interfaces enable the integration of new services and other operators’ systems.

We provide a system for a public transport operator as a comprehensive service. We take care of resourcing, support and customer assistance and keeping the system up-to-date. Our service supports operative enterprise resource planning of public transport. We provide service with turnkey principle.

Our service is scalable, which facilitates running public transport operations and managing ticket and information system. The service includes 24-hour support, help desk and maintenance services as well as capacity services.

Real-time information with mobile phone

Our service offers passengers real-time information about routes, timetables and traffic disruptions through open interfaces.

Purchasing tickets and managing journeys is easy with internet and mobile services. Online services are an essential part of public transport services. For example, in the future travel card is not needed anymore: passengers purchase tickets and contact customer service with their mobile devices.

Watch short videos presenting how real-time information and mobility changes passengers experience.

Automated mobile ticketing 


Real-time schedule information always in your pocket - Beacon 



Teemu Vähäkainu
Head of Intelligent Transport Systems
Mika Heikkilä
Solution Manager, Intelligent Transport Systems