Business process services

Tieto Business process services help you to start your cloud journey.

Does your business require increased agility to take advantage of opportunities in the market? Are you looking for new and innovative ways to increase top lines? There is an increasing number of various types of cloud services available for businesses, let us be your partner in business transformation.

From Vision to execution

Tieto is an expert in complex cloud transformation programs.

Tieto cloud advisors help you to make right decisions – choosing the right cloud. We start by jointly evaluating your current services and processes in order to create a cloud roadmap. Together we can make concrete plans of what, when and how should be moved to cloud.

Tieto is modernising Finland’s capital area public transportation ticket and information system. The public transport operator gets an advanced new generation system that helps it offer its customers better service and up-to-date information. Passengers can monitor the path of a vehicle in real time on a bus stop display, a computer or a mobile phone. Besides passenger communications, the system improves traffic control, public transport planning, financial planning and quality control. It also improves the efficiency of bus traffic, as bus priority can be implemented in traffic lights more extensively. Read more about intelligent transport systems.

Are you continuously rationalising your financial administration processes and adapting to changes in business environment? Tieto Business Information eXchange (BIX) is a modular service platform that facilitates automation of the entire financial value chain. The service portfolio covers various cloud services in B2B messaging areas such as e-trade, e-invoicing and bank connectivity. Business Information eXchange covers solutions to integrate our customers with their external partners such as clients, suppliers, financial service providers and public authorities. Read mode about business information exchange services.

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