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Today's business world moves fast. Organisations are under constant pressure to deliver innovative, high-quality digital services that produce extraordinary results and deliver a quick return on investment.


But at the same time, development processes are becoming ever more complex, while the pressure to bring solutions to market quickly is immense. Customers expect 'always-available' tools, and being able to offer a reliable, high-quality experience across all channels is a basic requirement.


According our experience, taking an agile approach to development and an effective Quality Assurance and Testing solutions brings considerable business value.

tieto_testing_services_benefits.pngWhy testing should be at the heart of development

In today's development environment, testing needs to be a process that's factored into operations at every stage of a project.

There are several key benefits that businesses can achieve as a result of integrating a strong testing and QA process into their application development. 

  • Improved security - Prevent up to 90 per cent of serious vulnerabilities and defects.
  • Better quality of software solutions - Errors and bugs can be spotted and corrected much more quickly.
  • Enhanced customer experience - Find out what works and what does not, and adjust software accordingly.
  • Optimised costs - Economies of scale and access to the right tools can reduce expenses by up to 25 per cent.
  • Faster time-to-market - Application development times reduced by at least 15 per cent.
  • Higher responsiveness to business needs - Get quick feedback and react to what business units are asking for.

Why Tieto?

An effective QA and testing programme demands a partner with the right skills and a proven track record in this area. Tieto has over 1,000 test specialists around the world.

Our Centre of Excellence offers a strong focus on test automation, performance, mobile, security and test processes.

We have a strong domestic presence throughout the Nordics, our Global Delivery Model uses near-shore, and offshore delivery centres to provide services worldwide.      ​

  • Strong experience of nearly 20 years of establishment in Nordics with proven track record of delivering effective and reliable testing services
  • Availability of ready-to-use test assets, frameworks & accelerators reducing the time of testing by up to 20%
  • Extensive knowledge and strong expertise around all leading industry domains such as financial services, manufacturing, public sector, healthcare and welfare, forest, retail and wholesale, energy utilities, oil and gas, logistics, telecom and media
  • Strong partnership and alliance ecosystem with leading and emerging technology providers: HPE, Microsoft, Oracle, Google, SAP, IBM, Apple

Our quality, security and testing portfolio

We provide a comprehensive range of testing services, with solutions for a broad variety of applications, technologies and industries. 

We also offer advanced security solutions for a hybrid, digital world. Find out how Tieto Security Services help you to manage your people, processes and data with the highest possible levels of security and resilience.




Anand Padhye
Head of Quality Assurance and Testing Services

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