Application operations and management - Keeping your applications running and efficient

Today's businesses face many competing demands as they strive to be successful. Customers expect the highest possible levels of service, which requires companies to invest in always-on solutions and technologies in order to deliver the required level of performance.


It's therefore vital for any organisation to invest in application operations and management in order to keep their operations running efficiently. With monitoring and preventative maintenance, your uptime is as high as possible, as well as reaction time to solve issues.

A strong solution ensures that businesses are able to minimise disruption, continuously improve their performance and better serve customers.

Meeting the challenges

However, these application management goals need to be achieved against a backdrop of endless cost pressures. IT departments are expected to do more with less, so a key priority for any deployments needs to be ensuring that they operate as cost-effectively as possible.

Doing so will free up resources for new development, so businesses can focus on improving functionality and keeping up with changing demands, rather than being held back by a need to dedicate resources to ongoing maintenance.

Organisations also currently face many manual processes when managing their applications, which consume time and cost money. The need to rely on manual processes, spreadsheets and paper forms, for example in the area of reporting, acts as a bottleneck that stifles efficiency. However, this is something to solve by introducing automation tools as part of a continuous application development.

How Tieto can help

We offer dedicated resources, best practices and processes to ensure you can keep your applications running at all times, as well as providing the tools you need for continuous development and improvement of your resources. This can help you transform your IT landscape and escape complex and outdated legacy systems, in addition to freeing your business from issues like vendor lock-in.

With Tieto, you have access to over 1,000 ITIL-certified consultants that can advise on industry best-practices for your application operations and management solutions. Our strong technical competencies and in-depth understanding of business needs provide the support you need to keep your applications running whatever the future may hold.

Our application operations and management offerings

Tieto provides a wide range of services to assist companies with keeping their applications running smoothly and efficiently. Our dedicated resources help you take control of your applications and meet your customers' growing needs. We offer:

Extensive monitoring tools - Our solutions monitor processes and applications, in order to be sure that each application works as it should. Advanced user behaviour simulations and real-time reports give administrators the data they need to manage their solutions.

Trend and predictive analytics - Real-time and predictive analytics tools allow businesses to spot patterns and be proactive rather than reactive in how they develop their applications.

Cloud competencies - Taking advantage of Tieto's public and private cloud solutions provides cost savings and strong control of virtual environments.

DevOps capabilities - These methods boost continuous development, enabling organisations to add new functionalities and fixes more rapidly as operations and development teams work seamlessly together.  

Why Tieto?

  • Strong experience of Nordics businesses and culture, but with a global reach
  • Local data centres in Sweden, Norway and Finland, as well as nearshore and offshoring capabilities
  • Over 1,000 ITIL-certified consultants
  • Advice and guidance from dedicated business process consultants




Himadri Das
Lead solution manager, Application management & development