Analytics, setting a new course for Business Intelligence

The focus on automating decisions – those that affect a single customer or a single transaction – will help pave the way to success by converting analytics-driven insights into meaningful business actions and hence helping in winning, serving and retaining customers.

Running digital businesses based on traditional BI systems providing a rear-view mirror perception on “how are we doing” is no longer enough. With the rapid pace of change today, customers’ preferences changing by the minute, the competition being just a click away, businesses need to prepare themselves for automating their decision making – ie removing the human intervention when applicable.

Turn your information into valuable asset

Your success is our key performance indicator. We help you gain real business value by transforming your information into valuable asset - it is only happening when analytics is applied to the data that new insights can be squeezed out of it.

Cloud Analytics

Cloud analytics is here to stay. Close cooperation with our partners Birst and Microsoft will provide you an outstanding possibilities to enter the cloud era together with us. Cloud Analytics gives a new meaning for the words agility and reliability. Explore your own insights in couple of weeks and take action!

How do we deliver?

Innovation is what delivers real business results. Tieto’s Centers of Excellence invest in the development of innovative technologies and competences, working in close cooperation with customers and alliance partners.

More than 400 full-time Business Intelligence specialists, across six countries have helped us to successfully deliver 300+ projects – a real proof of the quality of our work. Our priority is to provide high-calibre, cost efficient and customer focused services and solutions. This is ensured by our global delivery model that combines strong industry knowledge with the expertise of onsite, nearshore and offshore specialists.

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Head of Analytics, Business Analytics
Balram Parappil
Head of Business Intelligence - ALM, AS
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