Accelerated sales force

B2B sales often requires dealing with complex customization or configuration requirements, and inquiries should be answered with minimum delay, if not on the spot. In an environment where the customer’s purchase data and history, installed base, service agreements, the product catalogue and pricing options, availability and delivery information all reside in different channels or databases, the salesperson has to be able to bring together all this information to form an overall picture that enables a relevant response.

If your salesperson is in the fortunate situation where he or she just needs to take an order, wouldn’t it help to boost customer satisfaction if the availability and delivery time could be confirmed right there and then? Or a contract prepared for signing?

These are situations in which you will be glad you equipped your salesforce with modern online sales tools, enabling complex CPQ (Configure-Price-Quote process), guided selling and RFQ (Request for Quote) capabilities that reduce sales costs. (Or your field service teams, for that matter, enabling them to submit real-time reports on actions on site and receive up-to-date site data.)

Real-time information, especially in a job that requires spending a lot of time out in the field, requires that all tools are mobile-enabled. Mobile-enabled, by definition, requires digitalization.

Tieto Industrial Experience is a set of digital solutions that combines mobile-enabled CRM, knowledge management, guided selling and sales & service applications in a package that will be an invaluable help for your front-line salespeople.

Making intelligent use of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM together with other top-notch technologies, these solutions put efficient online tools at the fingertips of the people you rely on for your sales success, speeding up sales, improving the experience of those who do the work, and enabling a change in your sales model.