IR and disclosure rule

Commitment to transparency

Tieto is committed to provide sufficient, accurate and consistent information to the various actors of capital markets in a timely manner. The commitment will be evenly fulfilled irrespective of whether the information is positive or negative for the company.

Tieto will not only confirm to all requirements set by laws, regulations and rules of stock exchanges, but will proactively seek to give all details required by investors and analysts for them to be able to build a correct picture of the Company's true financial situation and risks and opportunities.

All material information is disclosed to recipients equally in terms of content and timing.  

IR in Tieto

The mission of Tieto IR function is to enhance investors' and analysts' interest in the company, build investor loyalty and attract new investors and analyst coverage. The function is fully centralised and supported by the top management of the company.  

IR spokespersons

The IR spokespersons of the company are:

Kimmo Alkio, President and CEO
Lasse Heinonen, CFO
Tanja Lounevirta, Head of Investor Relations

Selected business executives can meet investors and analysts occasionally, accompanied by an IR spokesperson with full knowledge of the company’s disclosure record. These meetings must always be agreed with IR. In connection with news releases other contact persons can be named, but their authority is limited to the specific issue at hand.


Tieto aims improve transparency and visibility of the company's financial development. Substantial contracts, investments and other developments are disclosed as soon they have been decided on and agreed with the relevant counterparties. The company does not comment on rumours unless they originate from the company.

All share price sensitive information is considered insider information until it is disclosed according to the company's disclosure principles. 

Analyst estimates and reports

Tieto follows analyst estimates on its future performance and the averages of estimates can be shared with investors and analysts.

Tieto can review and to some extent comment on analyst reports, but factual  errors can be corrected. Tieto does not comment on the analysts' estimates, opinions or conclusions or discuss share price, target price or recommendations.

If analyst reports are requested, the person requiring the information is advised to contact the brokerage houses directly.

Quiet period

Tieto follows 21 days quiet period before the time of the publication of an interim report and financial statement bulletin and ending one hour thereafter. No meetings or conferences are taken during the quiet period and other contacts with the financial community are limited to practical issues

IR policy in full