Meet customer needs 24/7 without effort

Sell’n’Deliver Anywhere allows for a flexible and always-accessible shopping experience 24/7, paving the way for true customers loyalty across the globe that will significantly boost your profits.

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At Tieto, we believe one of the cornerstones to modern customer loyalty lies in being flexible in the manner a product is sold and allowing the shopper to decide where, when and how it is delivered. To realise flexibility and true shopping convenience, it is crucial that the digital and physical worlds meet and complement each other.

Tieto has a host of integrated solutions that transfer the sell-and-delivery reins directly into the hands of the customer. One of them is a best-of-breed digital commerce solution for omni-channel retailing which covers digital sales front-end, order management and product information management capabilities. The solution is based on market leading SAP hybris technology that is provided as a turnkey cloud service or through an on-premise deployment.

Many European retailers, such as John Lewis and Burberry, report that customers that use multiple channels when they shop buy three times as much as single-channel customers. They are also more loyal.

The Sell’n’Deliver Anywhere solution will boost your sales, create a compelling customer experience and open up for new opportunities for cross-selling. It also allows your business to stay open 24/7 – anywhere.

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