Reaching out to your customers the smart way

Me-tailing allows you to create awareness of your brand and forge lasting customer relationships thanks to clever marketing that makes shoppers always want to turn to you.

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Today we live in a world of excessive information in which consumers, and especially the Millennials, have learned how to efficiently filter out unwanted data. 

As the Millennials move into working life, they grow into savvy and selective consumers and therefore become a particularly challenging target group for marketers to reach.

Me-tailing is about efficiently getting the attention of your clientele, offering them the products and services they want and in the manner they want them. To do so, you need to connect with them; know what the trends and buzzwords are and first and foremost; in a personal and relevant way create a dialogue with them online.

Me-tailing is a marketing strategy based on an intuitive and natural dialogue between a retailer and its customers, created by analytics and forged via, for example, social media and customer data in CRM.

It is a proven fact that active social media users are much more prone to share their personal data if it adds value to them. By engaging them in a conversation relevant to them, you have answered that need. You have also created stronger awareness for your brand.

At Tieto, we know how to enable these dialogues. Our key solutions include digital campaign management, content management and personalisation based on Adobe Marketing Cloud, SAP hybris and EpiServer technologies.

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