Opportunities and challenges

It's hard to imagine an industry with greater complexity, or greater demands, than the oil and gas industry. The industry faces numerous challenges as it addresses growing energy demand, price fluctuations, the need for sustainable operations, declining production from older reservoirs, and new resources in harder to reach and harsher environment. 

Tieto, as a leading company within oil and gas IT solutions, helps businesses finding the right balance between productivity and cost effectiveness, thus adding value in a competitive market. We help you digitalize your business to stay ahead of the competition and to be a market winner.

Global footprint

The oil and gas industry is highly collaborative and demands solutions and standards for efficient data sharing and reporting throughout the entire value chain. Tieto provides software and solutions that supports collaboration between operators, joint venture partners, regulators etc.

Energy Components

Energy Components (EC) is the global leading end-to-end hydrocarbon production data management and accounting software, tracking hydrocarbons from production and transport, to sales and revenue recognition. Energy Components offers unprecedented support for the whole upstream value chain, with dedicated support for production operations, terminals, gas plants, LNG facilities and more. It supports business processes for the production, transport and sale of oil and gas and greatly facilitates collaboration.

Personnel Logistics and POB Management

Tieto is the leading provider of personnel logistics and POB (personnel on board) management solutions specifically designed to accommodate diverse requirements of the oil and gas industry. The solutions that Tieto offers are used in more than 25 countries across the world.