Intelligent marketing

Achieving both a superior customer experience and supply chain efficiency puts a lot of pressure on how you gather and use knowledge about your customer, both data you already have or can get on them and data you collect along the customer journey.

Social, technological and market developments have created a situation where interrupting, broadcasting and repeating don’t work any longer. Heavy industry and B2B buyers expect tailored service, also from marketing communications. The marketer’s new key question is: How do I make marketing feel like a service by creating personal and engaging dialogue with customers and connect this to the customer journey and sales process?

Dialogue begins by listening. Capturing, analysing and acting on real-time customer data will allow you to be more personal. Marketing needs to be more granularly segmented, automated, consistent and relevant in all channels to create leads, accelerate sales and increase loyalty.

Marketing is probably undergoing the biggest change in digitalization. Although assisting technologies already exist, they often result in part-optimization, losing sight of the increasingly necessary holistic view. Successful B2B business integrates efficient lead generation into marketing and continues into efficient resource use in sales. This breaks the silos between marketing and sales, and helps marketing become truly relevant for sales instead of just focusing on brand materials.

Tieto Industrial Experience solutions include advanced data capture and analytics, with the results displayed on easily readable dashboard-like interfaces. They enable you to use big data, but in a way that dynamically segments your target audiences into narrower segments than before.

You can efficiently manage your content and orchestrate campaigns that are relevant to your varying audiences while measuring them accurately through customized KPIs. You can personalize your content by including data from your entire ecosystem, even social channels, thus improving the lead generation process.

Based on Adobe Marketing Cloud and SAP Hybris as the main technologies, complemented by content and digital asset management solutions plus CRM (Customer Relation Management) and PIM (Product Information Management) integration, Tieto Industrial Experience is a way to start a meaningful dialogue with your potential customers. You will improve your brand awareness, generate more leads, pinpoint the most efficient marketing channels and drive growth by reaching new customer segments.

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